The Third Trimester of Pregnancy


The last 3 months of pregnancy are collectively called the third trimester. This is the period of rapid fetal development and physical changes for the mother. Third trimester pregnancy denotes complete organ development for the unborn child and a tiring period for the mother. It is really the time when the unborn baby makes his presence felt with obvious, tummy kicking and boxing as he explores the womb.


The third trimester pregnancy weeks are from week 28 upwards. This includes many changes in the mother as well as the baby. If you are in the third trimester, you will now experience an obvious presence within you. Your baby now feels more real and you will feel his movements more clearly. He has gained in weight and will continue to grow rapidly until delivery. This is the period your baby is nourished, within your womb, into a complete, healthy and strong infant.


Now is when all internal organs, including the brain begin increased activity in the fetus. Your little baby takes his first breaths inside amniotic fluid. His baby lungs gradually strengthen across the last trimester and become ready for birth. The larger your baby grows, the more his movements become amplified on your belly.


Most women enlist increased discomfort among third week pregnancy experiences. The increased fetal size results in pressure on the upper as well as lower body of the mother. Upper body pressure results in acidity and heartburn. Lower body pressure results in increased bladder activity, swelling in the legs and pain in the pelvic region. The discomfort is fleeting as it disappears entirely on delivery. Many women do not experience pains or swelling of legs, while some experience frequent incontinence due to bladder pressure. Do not be alarmed if a small quantity of urine is leaked out during bending or brisk movements. This too is a temporary inconvenience.


Third trimester pregnancy ultrasound readings reveal greater details of the unborn baby. It is easy to ascertain accurate growth data and doctors can even predict anomalies if any. Precautionary steps can then be followed to ensure your baby is healthy. Visit the doctor as advised and take plenty of rest with minimal exercise at this stage.


Third trimester pregnancy diet must include plenty of water to minimalise swelling. Six frequent meals will help to counter acidity symptoms effectively. Avoid large meals that are widely spaced. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your nutrition supplement of calcium, folic acid and iron must be taken regularly. These support fetal development through you. While the fetus draws nutrition from you, you must ensure your own nutrition is taken care of.


Pregnancy demands that the mother remains in the best of sprits and good health. This is true of the last trimester as well. Third trimester pregnancy experiences primarily remind you of the life within you. Spend these days in anticipation of the most fulfilling times in human life- that of parenthood.

30 Weeks Pregnant

Normal Changes when 30 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy is a tender, delicate, difficult stage in a woman’s life. This is the time when women need maximum amount of moral support from all quarters. When you are 30 weeks pregnant it is natural to see a huge bump and experience some changes in yourself.

As every trimester passes by you can feel some changes in yourself. You can experience some slight movements in your belly, feel and increased blood pressure and you may feel restless and cranky at times. However, these are normal hormonal changes. When you are 30 weeks pregnant the baby has grown from the size of a small shrimp to a normal human baby.

Baby’s Growth

The digestive tract and the lungs are nearly fully developed in the baby by the time you are 30 weeks pregnant. The baby now stops growing in length and starts gaining in weight. He or she grows upto 40 cms in length from crown to toe. After that the baby stops growing in length and starts gaining weight. The baby continues to gain weight till birth. When you are 30 weeks pregnant your baby will start opening and closing eyes. He or she can see the insides of your tummy and even distinguish the dark from light. Baby may also be able to track the source of light.

Your body changes

The first and most important change is that you will start gaining weight. Your weight must increase by 3-4 lbs. You may not like it, but you have to put up with it. Your baby’s demands for nutrients start increasing rapidly. They keep increasing till pre-birth. Hence it is important for you to have a lot of healthy and nutritious food as you have to take care of your health and the baby’s health. You may get depressed at the thought of gaining weight. However, remind yourself of all the good things that pregnancy has brought in for you.

30 weeks pregnant what to expect

30 weeks pregnant weight gain

It is time that you stop smoking and drinking if you haven’t done so already. Your baby needs adequate supply of oxygen. Therefore if you quit smoking then your baby can get an increased supply of oxygen very quickly. This only helps your baby grow. Many cases of low birth weight are owing to smoking.

Try to good night’s sleep. However, it is a little difficult because you maybe uncomfortable. Your belly is growing in size and therefore your centre of gravity of shifting continuously. Therefore, it is difficult for you to determine and exactly comfortable position for yourself while sleeping. Avoid sleeping flat on your back as it causes excess strain on your spine. This will only increase your back ache. Try to sleep sideways- preferably to the left side. Sleeping on the left side increases the flow of blood into the baby’s head.

As your belly grows, it obviously means the size of the baby increasing. This results in growing uterus. As the size of the uterus increases, it puts an increasing pressure on the urinary bladder. Hence you feel like visiting the loo more often.

29 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You Are 29 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 29 weeks pregnant, many changes happen to you and your baby. You should start counting the movement of the baby inside your belly.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in your life when you are expecting a new being to be delivered out of your body. Of course, you will be anxious and worried about the baby and also about yourself. When you are 29 weeks pregnant, your baby would have become a lot mature, and a lot of bodily changes would have happened to you.

Your baby now would be about 3 pounds in weight, and 17 inches in length. It would have matured lungs to prepare him or her for breathing outside the mother’s body. As the baby is growing, it gets tighter in your womb. So you will not be able to get the same intensity of his or her kicks, as before. Babies keep on kicking even when they are sleeping. So, you cannot actually find out if the baby is awake or sleeping this way. Moreover, as the baby gets tighter in the womb, you will be able to feel the elbow or the knee of the baby pressed to your belly. This is also the time you should count the number of kicks of the baby. You may lie down in the morning and in the evening and count the kicks of the baby. As the baby kicks upwards, it will be easy for you to count. Count the movement in your stomach until you reach ten within one hour. If you cannot reach this number in one hour, boost up your energy by eating or drinking something for blood-sugar level to rise. This will make the baby move. However, if you find that the baby is not moving enough, it is always better to consult your doctor. You may take an ultrasound scanning.

29 weeks pregnant baby weight

29 weeks pregnant symptoms

Weight gain is normal in this phase. You might find your breast enlarged and hence, buy a proper bra to support them. Stop wearing your contact lenses as moisture alterations take place in your eyes. What to expect when you are 29 weeks pregnant includes headaches, constipation, varicose vein, sleeping difficulties, itchy abdomen, forgetfulness, and hemorrhoids and so on. Your nails continue to grow stronger, and your hair continues to grow thicker.

When you are 29 weeks pregnant, you should eat properly and drink loads of water. Do moderate exercise. Do not take or lift anything heavy. Give enough rest to your body and apply moisturizer on your stomach for reducing the itchy feeling. Buy and paste some baby pictures on the wall and be happy and relaxed.

28 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You are 28 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, the baby would have almost completely grown, with the finger nails just budding. Your body too is undergoing a lot of changes.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when a woman experiences the nature’s gift of giving birth to a new life from her body. It is not an easy time, and her mind and body go through a lot of changes to bring this new being into the world. When you are 28 weeks pregnant, though your date is not anywhere close, you should keep your bag ready to go to the hospital, if, just in case, the baby decides to come early. You may also sign up for childbirth classes to prepare you for delivery and infant care.

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, the baby is almost completely developed. The baby can now open his or her eyes, blink and can sense light. Finger nails start to grow during this time. You may talk and sing to your baby as it will now completely sense the outer surroundings. During this time, the baby settles to the position of the birth, with its head positioned downwards. You can feel the movement of the baby distinctly. You can feel it kicking. The strength of the baby has increased and hence the kicking is more intense. A healthy baby is now about 16 inches long and 3 pounds heavy. It can cough, hiccup and even breathe in a crude manner.

28 weeks pregnant in months

28 weeks pregnant pictures

When the baby is trying to settle to the position of birth, you might undergo shooting pains, starting from your lower back, all the way down to the back of your leg. This is because the weight of the uterus and the baby’s head puts a lot of pressure on the sciatic nerve which extends till your leg.

During this time, a weight gain of about 5 kilos is common. Meet up with your doctor more often. Take ultrasound scanning, if necessary.

What to expect when you are 28 weeks pregnant is anxiety. You are overly anxious about your bodily changes and your baby. The classes you attend and the people you meet there can help you be at ease. Speak to your partner about your fears and anxieties. Try and relax. Enjoy the moments when you have a life within you. Calm down and take lessons for infant care and breast-feeding. Speak to your baby. Sing songs to the baby. Paste baby pictures in your room. All your thoughts affect the baby also. Hence, have positive thoughts always in your mind and keep yourself happy.

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