The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy


The second trimester pregnancy marks the midpoint in the development of your baby. Significant maturity is seen in the lungs and the central nervous system.  The baby also starts to respond to the voice of the mother.

The second trimester pregnancy marks the middle portion of the duration of pregnancy. It begins at week thirteen and ends by week twenty seven.


Week  Thirteen – Week Eighteen


At this stage of your pregnancy the sex of the baby becomes apparent. There is also the start of red blood cell formation in the baby’s spleen. If the baby turns out to be a girl, ovarian follicles will develop.  For boys, the beginnings of the prostate will start to commence. At this stage of development the baby is about 87 millimeters and weighs an average of forty five grams. By the fifteenth week of pregnancy the skeletal system begins to develop and grows at a rapid rate. This is what is discerned when an ultrasound is done after a few weeks.  The scalp pattern will also begin to develop. By week 16 the baby begins to make sucking movements with his mouth. By week seventeen there is some fat accumulation and your baby begins to hear by week eighteenth.


Week Nineteen – Week Twenty Three


This portion of the second trimester pregnancy is known also as the halfway point of the trimester.  Vernix caseosa, a cheesy coating like substance will develop in the growing baby. This substance acts as a protecting barrier from abrasions that may occur while the baby is moving within the womb as a result of chapping due to amniotic fluid.  By week twenty one, the baby is now able to do some swallowing movements. You will notice that he is slightly more active than before. By Week 22 your baby’s hair can now be appreciated. Lanugo covers the entire length of the baby.  Fingerprints as well as footprints of the baby begin to develop by week 23.  For boys, the testicles start descending from the stomach and for girls, the ovaries and uterus are now in their proper places.


Week Twenty Four – Week Twenty Seven


At this stage of the second trimester pregnancy, real baby hair now grows on the growing head. At this point, the baby has regular sleep and wakefulness cycles already. By week 25, the baby begins to respond to the mother’s voice. By week 26, the fingernails start to form and the lungs start producing a substance called surfactant that keeps the lungs from collapsing. By the end of week twenty seven, the baby’s lungs and central nervous system are reaching the peak of their intra uterine development.

17 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You are 17 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: When you are 17 weeks pregnant, you body and the baby will go through a lot of changes. The baby is growing at a rapid rate and you will start to experience some unexpected symptoms.

When you are 17 weeks pregnant, your baby is in a stage of rapid growth. On an average, the baby should be about 15 inches now from head to bottom and weigh about 5 ounces. In other words, the baby should weigh about the same as a turnip. The baby’s skeleton is also changing now. The soft cartilage is slowly changing into bone. The umbilical cord which connects the baby to the life-giving placenta is also strengthening. It is growing both thicker and stronger. With stronger bones the baby is able to move the arms and legs at the joints. Even sweat glands are now forming on the baby’s skin. You can see pictures of a baby at 17 weeks by simply doing a search online. It is important to remember, though that each baby grows at a different pace. So, the baby pictures on the Internet will only give you a rough idea about how the baby will look like at 17 weeks.

17 weeks pregnant baby size

17 weeks pregnant bump

Your body will also go through a lot of changes when you are 17 weeks pregnant. As your belly grows you might start to feel a bit unsteady. This is because as the baby grows and you experience some weight gain, your center of gravity will shift. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you don’t lose your balance and fall. Any injury to the abdomen can be very hazardous for both you and the baby. So, try wearing low-heeled shoes at this time so that you can keep your balance. Also make sure to wear a seatbelt when you are travelling in a car. Put the lower strap of the seatbelt below your belly, and make sure the upper strap goes securely across your chest. A regular ultrasound at this is important to make sure that the baby is growing properly.

When you are 17 weeks pregnant, you might start to get some weird symptoms. Knowing what to expect will help you to deal with the different symptoms as they appear. Some women do experience some dryness in their eyes. This is completely natural and can be dealt with by some over-the-counter eye drops. If you wear contact lenses then you might experience some itchiness due to the sudden dryness. One solution might be to wear your contact lenses for a short time period, and opt for glasses during the time that you are pregnant.

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16 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You are 16 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: When you are 16 weeks pregnant you body will go through a lot of rapid changes. The baby is now growing rapidly and you might be able to feel it move for the first time.

When you are 16 weeks pregnant you would most likely be feeling a lot better. At this time you will have comfortably settled into your pregnancy. You would have less nausea and mood swings. You skin would also be glowing at this point which would contribute to your overall good mood. Basically, you should be feeling great! However, don’t be worried if some symptoms still exist. Every woman experiences pregnancy in her own unique way. Each pregnancy is different, and just because your symptoms persist for a longer time, does not necessarily mean that something is wrong.

16 weeks pregnant symptoms

16 weeks pregnant baby

When you are 16 weeks pregnant, you might also experience one of the most wonderful things about your pregnancy. At this point in time you might be able to feel your baby move for the first time. Women usually report to experiencing a fluttering sensation like butterflies in their belly. However, each woman experiences this differently. Some may feel flutters while others experience a quickening, gas bubbles or even a sensation of popping popcorn. Some women can only feel this when they are lying down. But don’t be worried if you cannot feel your baby move. First-time mothers often don’t feel their baby move till they are 16 to 18 weeks along. Again, it is important to remember that pregnancy is different for every woman. So what you feel might be very different but it does not necessarily indicate that anything is wrong.

To know what your baby looks like when you are 16 weeks pregnant, you can look on the Internet. Every baby grows and develops at a different rate, so it is hard to pinpoint changes for certain. However, the Web does provide great pictures that would give you a general idea about what your baby would look like. The baby is now 4.5 inches tall and weighs 3.5 ounces. The eyes have now moved more toward the front of the head and the ears have also moved into their correct position. The baby is now about the size of an avocado. The growth and changes in the baby are now occurring at a fast rate. The head is more erect and the patterning of the scalp has begun. The baby now has toenails and the heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood through the body every day. An ultrasound at this point might reveal a more detailed picture of what you baby look like.

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15 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You’re 15 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: When you are 15 weeks both you and the baby are going through rapid changes. The baby at this stage is quickly growing and developing all the vital organs.

When you are 15 weeks pregnant your baby is rapidly growing inside you. There are a lot of changes occurring in the baby’s body and yours as well. The baby is now about 4 inches and weighs around 2.5 ounces. In other words, your baby is now about the size of an apple. The baby’s legs are growing faster than the arms. He or she is taking amniotic fluid into the lungs and “breathing” it out. This helps the air sacs in the lungs to slowly develop. The baby is also developing taste buds, even though there is not much to taste inside the womb. Your baby can now sense light. The eyelids are fused shut, but the baby can still detect light. For example, if you shine a flashlight at your belly, the baby is most likely to turn away from the light.

When you are 15 weeks pregnant, most of the uncomfortable symptoms will disappear. You are now in your second trimester which is a relatively comfortable stage of your pregnancy. You will notice that the morning sickness that you had suffered through in your first trimester has disappeared. Your energy levels will also improve and you will find that you are no longer tired all the time. With increasing energy levels your mood will also improve. You might notice a weight gain of about 5 pounds at this stage of your pregnancy. A lot of new symptoms might also appear when you are 15 weeks pregnant, but none of them are quite serious. A common condition experienced by pregnant women is “rhinitis of pregnancy”, where the nose gets congested. This is due to increased blood flow to the mucus membranes of the nose and changes in hormone levels. Some women also experience nosebleeds due to similar reasons.

15 weeks pregnant not showing

15 weeks pregnant belly

To get an idea of how your baby looks like at 15 weeks, you can look at some pictures on the web. At this stage you can also find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl! An ultrasound will reveal the sex of the baby, but don’t be worried if the healthcare practitioner is unable to tell you the first time. The baby may be curled up or turned in such a way that it is hard to tell. Finally, if you are planning to have amniocentesis, then the best time would be between 15 to 18 weeks. There is no need to worry because in most cases the test merely reveals that everything is as it should be.

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14 Weeks Pregnant

What Should You Expect with a 14 weeks Pregnant Belly?

When you are 14 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of changes that are happening in you and the baby. Some symptoms will disappear while other new ones will appear.

Pregnancy is a time of great changes in a woman’s body. Every week your baby grows just a little bit more and you face new symptoms. Once you are 14 weeks pregnant, you can pretty much sit back and relax. You have now entered the second trimester of pregnancy when most of the dangers are long past.

14 weeks pregnant symptoms

14 weeks pregnant bump

Some call this the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy because most the terrible symptoms of the first trimester have now disappeared. While new symptoms will appear in your second trimester, they are unlikely to be as severe as the ones you had already suffered through. So, are you wondering what to expect when you are 14 weeks along in your pregnancy?

First of all, you should rest assured that there are no big surprises coming your way. The morning sickness, which many feel is one of the toughest symptoms in the first trimester, will disappear once you are 14 weeks pregnant. General nausea and fatigue will also tend to disappear around this time, although some women will still suffer from these symptoms. You belly will start to show a noticeable bump as your baby grows bigger. As the baby grows heavier you might start to experience some back pain. Other common symptoms include water retention, leading to bloating, and gas pain. Nevertheless, most women report to feeling great during their second trimester. The upsurge of hormones will give you a healthy glow that will make you look beautiful.

At this point you might want to have some pictures taken of your baby’s face. When you are 14 weeks pregnant your baby will be approximately 3.4 inches and weigh about 1.5 ounces. He or she will have well-developed features. The ears and eyes will be more defined and in their proper position. You should get an ultrasound done at this time to ensure that the baby is growing properly and there are no complications. At this stage the baby’s head will be larger than the body, but as time progresses the body will become more symmetrical in shape and size. Regular visits to the doctor are recommended at this stage so that your pregnancy can be closely monitored. You can keep a pregnancy calendar which can help you track the changes in you and the baby, and tell you what to expect. Now is also the time when you can decide whether you want to know the sex of the baby. Some parents are eager to know as soon as possible, while others prefer it to be a surprise.

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13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant: All You Need to Know

During pregnancy, knowing all the details of what is to be expected and understanding the changes in your body is important.

At 13 weeks pregnant you have entered the final trimester wherein you are closer than ever to holding your very own miracle in your hands.
Pregnancy is an exciting time and a time when your body is continually changing, the arrival of a baby is something that will change your life forever in a beautiful way. At 13 weeks pregnant, you are in the last phase of pregnancy, final trimester. You should be taking a lot of care and rest and making sure that you are ready for the big day. This is the period when you feel your energy return as well as your libido. You can catch a movie, take the pre-baby vacation and go out to dinner as you get closer to the big day.

13 weeks pregnant video

13 weeks pregnant ultrasound

You know that the fat days are definitely here at 13 weeks pregnant. Your jeans probably don’t fit and even your fat day clothes are at this point probably lying discarded at this phase. You can still, of course, find clothes that will fit those curvy body parts and look good despite the curve of your belly. Your baby is about half the size of a banana as seen from the ultrasound and knowing what to expect is important. There are many symptoms that you need to be attuned to and everyone will be able to clearly see that you are quite pregnant with all the changes that are occurring in your body at 13 weeks pregnant.

One of the symptoms seen during 13 weeks pregnant is the discharge that tends to occur there. You can expect this to continue as the pregnancy progresses through the final trimester. Estrogen and progesterone which will make your breasts grow and promote production of milk in the breasts are also going to be at optimal at this time of your pregnancy. Your baby can suck its thumb and you can catch this on the ultrasound, which is definitely a worth framing moment.

Here the bones and ribs of the baby are solidifying and the eyes are fused shut as the eyelids develop and stay protected during the phase when you are 13 weeks pregnant. The baby’s intestines now are moving out of the umbilical cord into the region where they belong. The tooth sockets are also ready at this point. The vocal cords and larynx of the baby are also completed and weighs about 20 grams and is 3 inches long at this point. Having proper maternity clothes that leave you comfortable at 13 weeks pregnant is important.

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