The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy


The second trimester pregnancy marks the midpoint in the development of your baby. Significant maturity is seen in the lungs and the central nervous system.  The baby also starts to respond to the voice of the mother.

The second trimester pregnancy marks the middle portion of the duration of pregnancy. It begins at week thirteen and ends by week twenty seven.


Week  Thirteen – Week Eighteen


At this stage of your pregnancy the sex of the baby becomes apparent. There is also the start of red blood cell formation in the baby’s spleen. If the baby turns out to be a girl, ovarian follicles will develop.  For boys, the beginnings of the prostate will start to commence. At this stage of development the baby is about 87 millimeters and weighs an average of forty five grams. By the fifteenth week of pregnancy the skeletal system begins to develop and grows at a rapid rate. This is what is discerned when an ultrasound is done after a few weeks.  The scalp pattern will also begin to develop. By week 16 the baby begins to make sucking movements with his mouth. By week seventeen there is some fat accumulation and your baby begins to hear by week eighteenth.


Week Nineteen – Week Twenty Three


This portion of the second trimester pregnancy is known also as the halfway point of the trimester.  Vernix caseosa, a cheesy coating like substance will develop in the growing baby. This substance acts as a protecting barrier from abrasions that may occur while the baby is moving within the womb as a result of chapping due to amniotic fluid.  By week twenty one, the baby is now able to do some swallowing movements. You will notice that he is slightly more active than before. By Week 22 your baby’s hair can now be appreciated. Lanugo covers the entire length of the baby.  Fingerprints as well as footprints of the baby begin to develop by week 23.  For boys, the testicles start descending from the stomach and for girls, the ovaries and uterus are now in their proper places.


Week Twenty Four – Week Twenty Seven


At this stage of the second trimester pregnancy, real baby hair now grows on the growing head. At this point, the baby has regular sleep and wakefulness cycles already. By week 25, the baby begins to respond to the mother’s voice. By week 26, the fingernails start to form and the lungs start producing a substance called surfactant that keeps the lungs from collapsing. By the end of week twenty seven, the baby’s lungs and central nervous system are reaching the peak of their intra uterine development.

27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant: You and Your Baby

When you are 27 weeks pregnant, there are vast changes happening with your body, and your child’s as well.

A prior knowledge of these changes would help you accept them properly and also take them in a positive spirit. Do make sure that you take good exercises and walks so that the labor that is fast approaching is easy for you.

Being 27 weeks pregnant refers to the fast approaching of the beginning of the third trimester which is a wonderful feeling as the time is drawing closer when your little one will be in your hands! Your reactions to it might be of happiness and nervousness both. You might be churning ideas for shopping for your baby; the little booties, the cute dresses, strollers and cradles seem irresistible now. But there are various changes happening with your body that need to be explained.

The changes in your body

There are huge alterations happening with your body and you should be aware of what to expect at this time of your pregnancy. First of all, your body weight has increased from 16 to 22 pounds since your pre-pregnancy period. The uterus starts nearing the rib cage due to which you feel short of breath and some of you might start feeling the painful leg cramps, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Though it is a painful experience with these symptoms, but as your child comes into this world, you will find them vanished. The belly has grown and is growing resulting in some itching on the skin. This is the perfect time when you can get yourself enrolled with some nearby childbirth classes and start preparing yourself for labor.

27 weeks pregnant baby moving

27 weeks pregnant belly

The child’s growth

The child, when you are 27 weeks pregnant is nearly 2 pounds in weight and measures about 14.5 inches. This is explained in more detail at It occupies nearly all the space in your uterus, opens and closes its eyes and sleeps after regular intervals. It may also suck its fingers or thumbs. Its brain is active and some experts have claimed that it can dream by the next week. So, you can wonder for sure what the little one would dream about. A look at the ultrasound image of the baby at this stage will surely delight you-

There are a few things that need to be taken care of at this time:

  • Eat well and have a lot of vitamin C by taking juices and fruits that are rich in it.
  • Don’t sit back under the pressures of the pains and discomforts that this stage is accompanied with. You should move about and take regular walks such that the labor is easy.
  • In case you are looking forward to travelling to your parents or some relative for the care after the childbirth, you would need a written notification from your doctor, so do get it.
  • You are 27 weeks pregnant, so there may be some ceremonies like baby shower being performed for you and your baby’s health, so be ready to enjoy them, but take good care of yourself among all that.

26 Weeks Pregnant

What To Expect When You Are 26 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: If you are 26 weeks pregnant you should have a guide to your aid for that would help you to determine how to handle the changes occurring in this phase.

When you are 26 weeks pregnant, you are in your second trimester of pregnancy and would be all prepared to step into the third trimester stage. Some people wonder, how many months is 26 weeks of pregnancy? Well, you are well into your 7th month of pregnancy. By this time, you would have good amount of weight gain and you would be noticeably pregnant. Your belly will swell and your normal clothes would not fit you properly. You might suffer from contractions during this period and it is known as the Braxton-Hicks contractions which are almost like false labor. During this time you would feel like sitting in and relaxing a bit instead of running around. There would be a number of developments which you would notice during this time and if you know what to expect from before things can be a lot better.

26 weeks pregnant baby

26 weeks pregnant baby size

In your 26 weeks of pregnancy, you would face some of these problems:

  • Heartburn
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle cramps

You might feel an uneasy sensation in the region under your ribs which is a result of your uterus reaching 2.5 inches above the part of your belly button. You would now have to see the doctor regularly and might even have to take some vaccine. You would have to go for ultrasound for the pictures would help you to understand the way the baby is progressing.

When, 26 weeks pregnant you would have to relax even more. However, it is better you go for regular workouts – the best option is to take long walks on a regular basis for that would help to keep the baby healthy and enable you to have less labor.

Learn even more about the 26th week of pregnancy at

During this week of your pregnancy, you can expect your baby to be about 9 or 10 inches long and 2 pounds. The fetus would start to look like a baby and its heart would get fully developed; It would pump blood throughout the body. A number of changes would take place in the baby which would make it all the more suitable to face this world.

When you are 26 weeks pregnant, you would feel bloated due to water retention in the body. Moreover there would be stretch marks all across your stomach. There are a number of creams which can help you to get rid of these unnecessary stretch marks such as creams with cocoa butter. This is a time to enjoy so make the most of the period by maintaining an useful guide which would offer you with all sorts of information.

25 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You Are 25 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: When you are 25 weeks pregnant, you must check up with your doctor as suggested, and be observant about the growth and development of your baby.

25 weeks pregnant baby

25 weeks pregnant belly

When you reach your 25th week of pregnancy, it is important that you remain aware of various signs related to preterm labour. Preterm labour is something that you can expect when you are 25 weeks pregnant. During this period, know that your baby could possibly weigh about 1.5 pounds. The spine of your baby will start forming well during this period, the hands would be fully developed, and the nostrils will begin to open. During this stage of your pregnancy, you could experience increased sweating, haemorrhoids, and forgetfulness. Let us look into what to expect when you reach your 25th week of pregnancy. Remember that, during this period, you can expect indigestion or heartburn, snoring, tingling hands or the carpal tunnel syndrome, varicose veins, symphysis pubis dysfunction, restless legs syndrome, changes in your skin, nail, and hair, and the likes.

When you are 25 weeks pregnant, you would be expected to gain weight. The weight gain pattern would be as follows: if you are underweight, your target would be to put on around 28 to 40 pounds. If you are a lady of normal weight, you can put on around 25 to 35 pounds. If you happen to be overweight, you should aim at putting on no more than 25 pounds. If you are obese, you can afford to put on a maximum of 20 pounds during your pregnancy. We suggest you keep a personalized weight gain record for your pregnancy period. You could exercise lightly during this period, but keep in mind certain safety rules while you are at it.

During this phase of your pregnancy, you could feel the baby’s movement inside your belly, such as kicking. At this stage, your baby is expected to grow like a little weed. At this stage, your baby would be plumping up, as fat starts building up under the skin. It is during this stage that your baby will grow in ways that are not just related to the length of the foetus. The baby’s skin will gradually start smoothing out from this stage. Your doctor could be able to show your pictures of the development of your baby at this stage, even if you are pregnant with twins! A close look at the ultrasound could reveal the hair colour of the baby as well, as hair continues to grow during this period! Enjoy your 25 weeks pregnant phase, as you would be nearing your D Day very soon enough!

24 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect During Your 24th Week of Pregnancy

Summary: During your 24th week of pregnancy, a visit to your doctor is a must, and your doctor must have already told you what to follow and expect.

During the stage when you are 24 weeks pregnant, your baby’s facial features start filling out by this time. It is during this time that you might find your belly button to be popping out. Your baby would be more or less the size of a large papaya during this stage. A pregnant lady’s belly would generally be upright at this stage. During this period, you should try eating more fibres, so that you are not affected by constipation. You might experience dryness in your skin, as it is stretching continuously. Some common symptoms experienced during this stage include constipation, occasional headaches, lower abdominal aches, backaches, leg cramps, vision changes, and mild swelling of your feet and ankles.

Here is an overview of what to expect when you are during your 24th week of pregnancy. When you are 24 weeks pregnant, you might experience your hair growing, as it is during this time that your baby’s hair also grows. Remember that once the baby is born, this extra hair growth of yours will fall off. During this stage, you should not try to lie flat on your back. Your eyes could turn dry at this point, and they could even turn sensitive to light. There is a continued increase in your hormone levels during this stage. Your doctor could even show your pictures related to the development of your baby at this stage.

24 weeks pregnant is how many months

24 weeks pregnant bump

Let us look into the weight gain aspects of a pregnant lady at this stage. From the 24th week of your pregnancy; you should try not gaining more than a pound of weight a week till your delivery. This is determined according to every woman’s BMI before pregnancy. A woman who is underweight before pregnancy should aim to put on about 28 to 40 pounds during pregnancy. A woman whose body weight is normal should be trying to put on about 25 to 25 pounds during pregnancy. Someone who is overweight should try not putting on more than about 25 pounds during pregnancy. When you are 24 weeks pregnant, you can make others feel the movement of your baby kicking inside your belly! This movement can be felt depending on how many months pregnant you are. During this stage of pregnancy, your baby is actually preparing itself for facing the life outside the comfort of your womb. This week alone will see your baby put on some half a pound. The ears of your baby would be fully functional at this stage.

23 Weeks Pregnant

What to expect when 23 weeks pregnant?

Summary: If you are 23 weeks pregnant you should have a guide to your aid for that would help you to determine how to handle the changes occurring in this phase.

When you are 23 weeks pregnant, you are in your second trimester of pregnancy and in this phase you should take preparation needed for stepping into the third trimester stage. By this phase you would witness good amount of weight gain and now you would be noticeably pregnant. You would find that your belly has swelled and you would fail to fit into your normal clothes. You would have to get the special clothes exclusively designed for the moms-to-be in order to look and feel better. There would be a number of developments which would notice take place in your body and if you are aware of what to expect handling this situation would be a lot easier.
When 23 weeks pregnant, you would face some of these problems:

  • Heartburn
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle cramps

An important development that an expecting mother has to face when 23 months pregnant is the excessive desire to have sex. While some pregnant women during the second trimester exhibit enhanced desire for sexual intercourse there are many pregnant women who do not feel such desire. Hence, it is quite a relative matter but then excessive libido is a problem during this phase and it is due to the extreme blood flow and a lot of clitoris and vaginal secretion. Some pregnant women when 23 weeks pregnant have reported to have experienced multi-orgasm. But then even if you feel this extreme urge it is best to seek the advice of the doctor for the safety of your baby’s health may depend on your physical intimacy with your partner.

23 weeks pregnant symptoms

23 weeks pregnant belly

When it comes to your unborn child, when you are 23 months pregnant, he/ she would also baby would start showing some developments like- making of antibodies for fighting infections, strengthening of the heartbeat etc. There would be development of the reproductive system of the body of the child during this phase and the child would weigh in between 425 to 500 grams.

How many months you have crossed and what have you experienced during this phase needs to be taken into account in order to handle pregnancy in a better fashion. For the soon- to- be- dad, this time when you are 23 months pregnant is meant for gearing up for the baby’s arrival in your life. Both of you should spend some time for browsing through different pictures of the babies, make him enjoy the kicking of your baby by making him feel your tummy in order to experience the bliss of this phase.

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22 Weeks Pregnant

What to expect when 22 weeks pregnant?

When you are 22 weeks pregnant you would witness a number of changes so it is always better to have a guide to your aid for best results.

When you are 22 weeks pregnant you would be in the second trimester and you would have the feeling of being pregnant. During this phase your belly would not just swell but it would also exhibit certain developments like your baby would start making antibodies for fighting infections. Your baby’s heartbeat would get a lot stronger during this period and your baby would physically grow bigger. Even the senses of your baby would start evolving and developing and the baby would be able to perceive touch since the brain and the nerve endings would be developed by this time. He/ she would start making such movement which it hadn’t before, thereby making you feel its presence all the more.

22 weeks pregnant symptoms

22 weeks pregnant belly

You would also find that when you are 22 week pregnant there would a development of the reproductive system of the baby. If you baby is a boy, the testicles of the baby would start to move down from abdomen. Again if it’s a girl, the uterus and ovaries of the baby would be perfectly positioned now and even the vagina would be perfectly formed. By the end of this week, your baby’s crown to rump measurement is approximately 200 cm. By this time the baby would weigh something in between 425 to 500 grams. As a result of which you would have some weight gain.

For, the expecting mom, when 22 weeks pregnant, there would be new developments to face in this second trimester of pregnancy. Now, things can get a little difficult when it comes to having sex. Some pregnant women when in the second trimester have exhibited enhanced desire for sex but again there are many other pregnant women who have not shown any interest during this phase. Now your libido can get increased during this phase as a result of excessive blood flow and a lot of clitoris and vaginal secretion. Some pregnant women when 22 weeks pregnant can derive multi-orgasm at this particular stage. But then until and unless you have been advised by the doctor to have sex, you should not go for it. Discuss the matter with your partner and take the decision very carefully for your baby’s health may depend on your physical intimacy with your partner.

For the soon- to- be- dad, this is the best time to enjoy the feeling of gearing up for your baby’s arrival. Watch different pictures of babies, enjoy the kicking of your baby by feeling the tummy of your partner for the unique feeling that you can derive from it is truly inexpressible.

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21 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of changes happening to you and your baby. Take proper rest, exercise and eat healthy food.

Pregnancy is a time when women go through a lot of bodily changes to realise the heavenly gift of giving birth to a life. This article provides you a brief write up about what to expect when you are 21 weeks pregnant.

When you are 21 weeks pregnant a lot of changes would have already happened and is happening to you and your baby. By this time the baby would have grown to about 10 inches and will weigh about 11 ounces or a bit more. Thorough ultra sound scanning would have already been conducted and you would have already known the sex of the baby. The baby now can sense what is happening around him/her. He or she can hear your voice and you can thus start speaking to the baby sweetly. The baby can also taste the food you eat as he or she would have developed taste buds and swallows a little of amniotic fluid every day. The baby is growing. The eyelids and eyebrows would have fully grown by now. The digestive system is still getting mature. Muscles are getting developed and your baby is gaining strength. This becomes evident to you by the changes that happen in the intensity of the little kicks you feel.

Weight gain is normal. You need between 10 and 15 pounds of increase in weight. You should eat well for you and your baby. You will probably see some stretch marks on your belly.

21 weeks pregnant symptoms

21 weeks pregnant belly

You might experience leg cramps more often. Varicose vein can also develop in some women if it runs in your family especially. Bleeding gums can also occur to some women. Backaches become more frequent. Constipation and gas trouble is also frequent. Your hair and nails grow rapidly due to higher amounts of nutrients supplied to it by the body. Facial hair too might grow for some women. You might also feel anxious about this whole thing. This is the time you really need support from your partner.

What to need to do is to when you are 21 weeks pregnant is to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. Do light exercise as it eases most of the discomforts and makes your delivery relatively easier. Get good massage done for your body. Don’t give much pressure to your legs. Take enough rest. You may also eat the right kind of food for the baby to get adjusted with the taste so that later on, he or she will not have problems with the taste of the food. Enjoy the time, post some pictures of babies on the wall and prepare your mind for the delivery.

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20 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You Are 20 Weeks Pregnant

A lot of rapid changes happen to you and the baby inside you, when you are 20 weeks pregnant. This is your second trimester and you have come half way through the reproduction process.

When you are 20 weeks pregnant, you have scientifically begun with your second trimester. What to expect at this stage of pregnancy have been briefly dealt in this write up. You can say good bye to fatigue and morning sickness. The most beautiful moment of being 20 weeks pregnant is that may be for the first time you can see your baby through the ultrasound scanning. The baby looks a lot developed and you can know the sex of the baby correctly. If the baby unfortunately has any physical deformities, it is during this time that the doctors come to know about it completely.

The weight of the baby would have increased about 4 times by now. The baby moves rapidly in your belly and by touching your belly, you and your partner will be able to predict when the baby is sleeping and when he or she is awake. It is especially when you are planning to sleep that the baby moves more. A healthy baby weighs about 11 ounces. The baby would have grown to about six and a half inches in length. You might have seen pictures of such almost fully grown babies inside the womb.

20 weeks pregnant pictures

20 weeks pregnant belly

While all this happens to the baby you can expect a lot of changes in your body. Your tummy would have become about the size of a typical melon. There is an increase in the hormone production and blood circulation in your body. Your nails become stronger and your hairs become thicker and fuller. This happens due to extra nutrients provided by the body to hair and nails. You might not only feel these changes for your hair on your head but also other bodily hair. Facial hair growth too might occur which is bound to go away after child birth. You might feel hungrier but indigestion becomes common. It is advised to take snacks or small meals frequently so that you and the baby get the calories required. Some uncomfortable symptoms include, heart burn, indigestion, increased vaginal discharge, dizziness, headaches, increased hair growth, ankle and feet swelling and in some cases a protruded navel. Weight gain is normal. However, after the delivery, your body will go back to normal and hence you need not worry much about the bodily changes.

Being 20 weeks pregnant, you are half way through the process of having a baby. So just relax and enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.

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19 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When 19 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: The phase when you are 19 weeks pregnant is extremely vital and you need to stay aware of the developments of this phase for the best results.

When you are 19 weeks pregnant, you need to know that this phase is extremely important for both you and your baby. This is because a number of important changes and developments take place in you and our baby during this phase. You would see that the systems of you and your baby’s bodies are undergoing various changes. During this phase you would be more comfortable with you swelling belly and with the fact that you are carrying a baby. If you had a guide which would help you to know what to expect during this phase things would have had been easier.
Your baby by this time, would be about 7.5 inches in length and 7 ounces in weight. A number of organs of his/ her body will start to develop and perform from this phase. The increase in the size of the baby would also lead to your weight gain. When you are 19 weeks pregnant you would notice a variety of changes in your body as well. You might notice flakes of dry skin coming out along with the burst of rashes which are caused due to increase in the metabolic rate of your body. Do not stop eating and drinking water fearing that it might lead to weight gain for your body requires nutrition and needs to stay hydrated during this phase of pregnancy.

19 weeks pregnant bump

19 weeks pregnant belly

You should stop consuming caffeine since it comes with a dehydrating effect and can affect pregnancy to a great extent. If you are worried about your rashes you can apply lotions for that can solve your problem to a great extent. The fact that your belly is swelling would also mean that your baby is growing so start interacting with it. Go for frequent ultrasound in order to ensure the well being of your baby. And try to make things easier for him/ her since at this phase your baby would start to develop in order to get comfortable with the surroundings.

Visit your doctor regularly, take the prescribed medicines, vitamins and minerals religiously for when you are 19 weeks pregnant you need to be extremely careful about your and your baby’s health.

You can listen to soft music, watch the pictures of beautiful and adorable babies in order to stay in the best possible mood. Most importantly try to enjoy this phase to the most for that would help you to make your pregnancy an easy process.

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18 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When You are 18 Weeks Pregnant?

If you are 18 weeks pregnant, you should ideally be on cloud nine but do prepare yourself to face the developments of this phase in the best possible way.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant, it is the second trimester in which you have stepped in. At this time, most pregnant women develop a particular type of glow which makes them look even more beautiful. This phase would make your belly swell and you would have to go for frequent ultrasound in order to check the position and health of your unborn child.

18 weeks pregnant symptoms

18 weeks pregnant bump

By this time you would most probably be done with morning sickness and would be able to concentrate more on the coming birth of your baby. You can renew your relationship with your partner for by this time you would overcome the phase when you used to get emotional over small things. Like every phase, even in this phase when you are 18 weeks pregnant, would require you to have a guide book which would educate you on what to expect.

In the 18 weeks into pregnancy, you would feel the movement of the baby in the womb. During this phase it is advisable to exercise more frequently for that would help to strengthen your muscles. But then, you should never opt for strenuous exercises; instead settle for the light exercises like long walks which would help you to stay fit and would not even strain your body. Moreover exercises would help to deal with the problem of sudden weight gain.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant you are likely to have frequent gas pains and heartburn problems due to at the growing baby. You would be hungry throughout the day since the baby would require a lot of nourishment for development. Hunger pangs are normal and you should not avoid them fearing that they would cause weight gain. Instead eat good amount of carbohydrates for that would make you and your baby strong and healthy.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant try to stay limited to nutritious snacks whenever you are hungry. Since the ears of the baby are formed during this phase and they are fully functional, you can start talking to your baby and so can your husband. The excessive swelling of the belly during this time is natural and you can visit the doctor to get the ultrasound done in order to ensure that everything is perfect. This particular phase of pregnancy is as special as all other phases; try to know what to expect in order to enjoy this phase perfectly.

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