The First Trimester of Pregnancy


The first trimester pregnancy is marked by enormous changes in the growing baby inside the womb. It is the stage where all the major organs of the body is formed. It is the most sensitive time for the expectant mother.

The first trimester pregnancy marks the beginning of a wonderful journey in the cycle of life. It begins during the pregnancy’s first week and ends at the thirteenth week. On the average, a usual pregnancy usually lasts about thirty eight weeks.


Week One – Week Four


The most sensitive time of pregnancy is usually during the first four weeks from the date of conception. At this stage, the growing baby is called an embryo. At this stage is where the formation of the major organ systems of the body occurs. There are notable changes in the body of the expectant mother. Human chorionic gonadotropin is formed by the placenta and is usually the one responsible for bouts of the dreaded morning sickness. This varies in extent from person to person.

Week Five – Week Eight


At this stage of the first trimester pregnancy, the major organs are still forming within the womb. The embryo has taken a more noticeably human shape but is not yet in the right size as evidenced by the embryo’s ominous head. The facial attributes can already be appreciated. The arms and legs can also be seen already. At this stage, the embryo is frequently moving within the womb but is too small to be noticed by the mother. At the end of week eight, the embryo would now be called a growing fetus. At this stage the length is about one to 1.5 inches.

Week Nine – Week Thirteen


This last stage of the firs trimester is marked by further growth of the fetus. The sex is already present but still cannot be discerned as it is still under development. The legs and arms of the growing fetus is fully developed and can already react to touching. The baby is still too small to be discerned by the mother however, the heartbeat can now be appreciated with a stethoscope.


Physical Changes Seen And Felt By The Mother


As mentioned earlier, the first trimester pregnancy marks the rise of HcG in the placenta which results in morning sickness. The expectant mother will also experience bouts of appetite changes as well as increased breast sensitivity. These symptoms can last for a few months but some report only fleeting feelings. The growing fetus is supported by the growth of the amniotic sac. This is the substance that surrounds and protects the fetus for the entire duration of the pregnancy. The fetus gets its nutrients via the placenta which is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord.

2 Weeks Pregnant

What to Expect When One is 2 Weeks Pregnant?

Summary: Women face a number of mental and physical changes when they are 2 weeks pregnant about which they need to stay aware of from the very first phase of their pregnancy.

2 weeks pregnant signs

2 weeks pregnant signs

Most women realize that they are pregnant after two weeks of conception, for by the time they miss their first period, they would be in this stage. However, this is not a general situation as a number of women experience irregular periods and there are many who fail to remember the date of their last periods. In such case, women should look for other symptoms than to depend on their periods in order know about their pregnancy. Well, once you are aware of the fact that you are carrying a baby, and you are about 2 weeks pregnant, you should begin learning about the things that are required to expect during this stage.

Although, one can get to learn a lot about pregnancy from a lot of sources, there are still many women who are not very fluent or don’t understand much about the facts that need to be known during this phase. When you are 2 weeks pregnant, you would generally have a number of doubts and anxiety, and if you are aware of what to expect from the beginning, things would be a lot easier for you. If you have faced a lot of problems in conceiving, you need to know that sustaining the pregnancy is even more difficult. A lot of changes will occur in a woman’s body which needs to be dealt with very carefully.

One of the biggest and first changes that occur during early pregnancy is that in the taste of food. Along with this is the horrible problem of morning sickness, which would start when you are 2 weeks pregnant. Most likely, there would be an increase in appetite and weight gain. These changes, physically and mentally, can be extremely daunting for most women as a result of which it is imperative to know about them from the start. This way, women would be more educated right from the beginning and are prepared what to expect during their pregnancy.

There would be several other symptoms when you are 2 weeks pregnant like bloating, small pains, and even pregnancy cramps. Dealing with such problems can become easy if you prepare yourself early on and receive the mental support from your partner and family. You can look at the pictures of cute looking babies every morning for that would be a healthy way to get your day started.

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