The First Trimester of Pregnancy


The first trimester pregnancy is marked by enormous changes in the growing baby inside the womb. It is the stage where all the major organs of the body is formed. It is the most sensitive time for the expectant mother.

The first trimester pregnancy marks the beginning of a wonderful journey in the cycle of life. It begins during the pregnancy’s first week and ends at the thirteenth week. On the average, a usual pregnancy usually lasts about thirty eight weeks.


Week One – Week Four


The most sensitive time of pregnancy is usually during the first four weeks from the date of conception. At this stage, the growing baby is called an embryo. At this stage is where the formation of the major organ systems of the body occurs. There are notable changes in the body of the expectant mother. Human chorionic gonadotropin is formed by the placenta and is usually the one responsible for bouts of the dreaded morning sickness. This varies in extent from person to person.

Week Five – Week Eight


At this stage of the first trimester pregnancy, the major organs are still forming within the womb. The embryo has taken a more noticeably human shape but is not yet in the right size as evidenced by the embryo’s ominous head. The facial attributes can already be appreciated. The arms and legs can also be seen already. At this stage, the embryo is frequently moving within the womb but is too small to be noticed by the mother. At the end of week eight, the embryo would now be called a growing fetus. At this stage the length is about one to 1.5 inches.

Week Nine – Week Thirteen


This last stage of the firs trimester is marked by further growth of the fetus. The sex is already present but still cannot be discerned as it is still under development. The legs and arms of the growing fetus is fully developed and can already react to touching. The baby is still too small to be discerned by the mother however, the heartbeat can now be appreciated with a stethoscope.


Physical Changes Seen And Felt By The Mother


As mentioned earlier, the first trimester pregnancy marks the rise of HcG in the placenta which results in morning sickness. The expectant mother will also experience bouts of appetite changes as well as increased breast sensitivity. These symptoms can last for a few months but some report only fleeting feelings. The growing fetus is supported by the growth of the amniotic sac. This is the substance that surrounds and protects the fetus for the entire duration of the pregnancy. The fetus gets its nutrients via the placenta which is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord.

12 Weeks Pregnant

All the information you need to know about being 12 weeks pregnant

Being pregnant and making the journey to motherhood is a big deal. Understand your body and the changes it goes through when you are 12 weeks pregnant to move into the next important phase of being a mother.


Pregnancy is a very exciting step and one that is fraught with many changes. A woman’s body undergoes numerous transformations from within the system and outside. It is no doubt fascinating to know and understand the process, how at 2 weeks, three or 12 weeks pregnant so many different processes are underway in your body. Understanding the fetal development process and also how your body is acting at each phase will give you more clarity about what to expect when you are 12 weeks pregnant and running the course. It is a marvelous transformation, the birth of a new life.

12 weeks pregnant ultrasound

12 weeks pregnant symptoms

At 12 weeks pregnant, the baby inside you weighs about 8 and 14 grams and nearly 2.5 inches in length. Your baby is now able to squint, open his mouth and move his toes and fingers and while you cannot feel him move beneath your belly, you can stimulate him. Your uterus by this period is large enough and is out of the pelvis area. Going through the ultrasound process will reveal a very distinct image of your baby and you will want to make sure that you are comfortable with the right kind of pillows and sleeping in the right positions.

Pregnant women can lie on their left side while sleeping in order to get proper blood circulation at 12 weeks pregnant. The blood volume in your body is also increased during pregnancy. Dental care is especially important during the pregnancy period and make sure that you visit your dentist and preparing for the experience of motherhood is important. Being emotionally and physically ready is important to be healthy and fit during the time. Some women may develop oral tumors on their gums, this is just one of the symptoms during pregnancy so there is no need to panic.

The baby’s face will look more human as his eyes would be moving to the front of his head and the ears would also have formed. The baby can recognize his mother’s voice when in the womb, so talking to your baby is a good thing to do in this period. At 12 weeks pregnant knowing what to expect and making yourself comfortable is important. You can find many pictures and videos that will assist you to understand the changes that your body is going through better online. The structures of the fetus are mostly formed and will continue to grow during this time.

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11 Weeks Pregnant

Things To Expect When You Are 11 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 11 weeks pregnant you are about to enter the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your growing baby is no longer called an embryo but instead is now a fetus. Be sure to follow the advice of your health care provider.
At 11 weeks pregnant, you are just finishing the first trimester of your pregnancy. The growing baby inside your belly is no longer considered an embryo but a fetus. As you begin your second trimester here is a guide of what to expect in order for you to anticipate and understand the changes that are going on inside your body.

Your Baby’s Size

At this point until you reach the twentieth week of gestation, the size of the growing fetus will increase over thirty times the usual and the length will triple. Your baby is about a couple of inches from crown to rump at eleven weeks. To make sure that the growing fetus gets the correct amount of nutrients and blood, the blood vessels in the placenta also begin to increase in size. The ears of the baby are also beginning to move up to where they should be at the side of the head.

Decrease in Nausea

One of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness, which is the most prevalent symptom you will feel on the first trimester. Since you will be beginning the second trimester, you will notice a decrease in the severity and incidence of nausea by 11 weeks. By the way, this is discussed in detail on the ManyWeeksPregnant site. This is due to the fact that your hormones are beginning to level themselves and your body is now adjusted to the growing fetus inside you. What you will notice at this stage is an increase in the incidence of food cravings as well as appetite. Some expectant mothers have a decrease in appetite owing to a developed sensitivity toward certain smells.

Physical Changes

At 11 weeks pregnant, you will also develop a dark pigmentation along the length of your abdomen. This is called line Nigra. This darkening encompasses the area just beneath the breasts up to the pubic region. It becomes darker as you progress into your pregnancy. Do not worry, this is a common thing to expect and should fade off once the baby is born.
Your will also notice your expanding uterus. If you are lying down, you may even be able to feel the growing baby inside which is just the size of a grapefruit. Feel for it above the pelvic area.

Things To Consider

– When you are 11 weeks pregnant be sure to go and keep your appointment with your health care provider in order to monitor the status of your pregnancy. She may do an ultrasound to take pictures of the growing fetus inside you. Be sure to follow the advice of your health care provider to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

11 weeks pregnant belly

11 weeks pregnant symptoms

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10 Weeks Pregnant

Expectations To Have When 10 Weeks Pregnant

If you are 10 weeks pregnant you will notice that your morning sickness is starting to subside. You may also notice some sharp pains due to the stretching of the ligaments of your uterus.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant, there are some important signs and symptoms of pregnancy that you should be experiencing already. Most pregnant women at this stage are already on the lookout to hear for the first time their baby’s heartbeat with the assistance of an ultrasound Doppler stethoscope. Here is a guide on what to expect at this early and delicate stage of your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness, Fatigue And Mood Swings

By this time, your morning sickness should start to taper. For most expectant mothers, the first eight weeks are the hardest due to the high levels of nausea and changes in appetite. At ten weeks, there should still be some evening nausea to be expected. Mood swings; headaches and tiredness are also prevalent at this stage. The reason why you are tired most of the time at this stage is because there is an increase of your blood volume, which makes it doubly hard for your heart to pump blood. Be sure not to exert too much effort at this time. Get enough rest and sleep. You will also begin to notice a small bulge in your belly known as the baby bump. Try and take some pictures of yourself to compare how you look now and at the end of your pregnancy for posterity.

Diet And Gastrointestinal Changes

You may experience some changes in your diet when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Flatulence and constipation may alter your diet. Be sure to increase your intake of whole grain foodstuffs. Eat green, leafy vegetables and drink lots of water to help in the regulation of your GI tract. Indigestion and heartburn are also common and can be avoided by simply not immediately lying down after a large meal.

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

10 weeks pregnant belly

Physical Changes

You will also notice at ten weeks some physical changes in your body. For instance, your nipples and areolae will darken. Your breasts would no longer be swollen as before. You will also notice an increase in a thin milky discharge coming from your vagina. At this time, take extra precaution by avoiding the use of douches as they may alter the sensitive pH balance and could lead to annoying infections.

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, you will start to feel some slight and piercing pain coming form your tummy. This is due to the beginning stretch that is happening to the ligaments of your uterus as a result of the growing baby inside. You will also notice that your clothes are becoming tighter than usual. Be sure to switch to comfortable maternity clothes at this time.
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9 Weeks Pregnant

9 weeks pregnant mother-to-be

The conditions, symptoms, pictures of the baby and also the restrictions the 9 weeks pregnant mother-to-be should follow are described.

Pregnancy is the most important stage in a woman life. In the period of pregnancy the women should be very careful and special care should be provided by the family members for not only the mother-to-be but also for the baby inside mother. For the 9 weeks pregnant mother, this stage lies before the fatal period in which the organs and the tissues grow with a rapid rate which starts at the 10th week of pregnancy.

9 weeks pregnant pictures

9 weeks pregnant belly

Each and every baby has its own and individual rate of growth. But from several pictures of babies in this stage a common idea has been formed. In this stage the length of the baby is barely 1 inch and weighs almost a fraction of an ounce. The baby starts taking its human look. Now, the outer look of the baby is not appreciably noticeable but the internal body parts begin to be formed. The heart of the baby finishes dividing into four parts or chambers. The valves are formed also. The sex organs begin to form but they cannot be distinguished with the other parts of the body. The nerve system, several organs start forming. The earlobes, mouthy and noses are the only distinguishable parts of the body inside the 9 weeks pregnant mother. All the critical jobs for hormone production are done in this stage but the hormone production starts from the 11th week.

Regular check-ups of 9 weeks pregnant woman is the most essential thing of all. Though prenatal visit is necessary but ultrasonic check-ups are not that necessary. Because of the immaturity of the baby the mother-to-be may not hear any sounds of the baby. But the feelings of a mother will be started from this stage.

There are lots of symptoms normally appears in the body of the mother-to-be. The waist portion of the woman may start increasing. Morning sickness and abdominal pains will work on the body of her with full-force. Emotional pinball is also an important but common symptom of the 9 weeks pregnant woman. The size of the belly does not increase appreciably. Moodiness and mood swings are also common in the stage. If the mother-to-be is a working woman with strenuous jobs to handle then she should immediately apply for the leave up to delivery. Depending on the physical condition of the mother-to-be, 9 weeks pregnant could participate in several activities like swimming and walking and can be continued for the nine long months. All the complications of the mother if any should be taken care properly by following the instructions of the doctor. Especially, the food and drink restrictions are to be maintained properly.

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8 Weeks Pregnant

What To Expect At Eight Weeks Of Pregnancy

An 8 weeks pregnant mother can expect a lot of growth and development of her baby during this first trimester of her pregnancy. From this week onwards, the fingers and toes of the baby start poking out of the hands and feet.

Like it is discussed on, an 8 weeks pregnant mother knows that her baby is moving and shifting inside her womb though she may not be able to feel it as yet. The baby’s eyelids start completely covering his little eyes, his little tail is almost disappeared and the little tubes which are meant for breathing start stretching from the throat right up to the lungs. The ultrasound also shows that the baby’s nerve cells in its brain start forming neural pathways. At this stage, the baby’s external genitals do not develop, so the pictures of the baby do not ascertain whether it is a boy or a girl.

The mother may also notice that her bra is becoming ill-fitting now. The mother may need to wear a larger size that fits her breasts more properly. The breast of the mother start growing bigger at this stage and other tissue changes also start taking place as the breast of the mother has to prepare for lactation purpose. The mother may also feel a little sluggish and tired; and these are all symptoms of changes that are taking place in the hormones. She may also suffer from sound sleep because of the symptoms of nausea and vomiting which take up all her energy. In order to cope with sluggishness, the pregnant mother can start walking for around twenty minutes a day. With this, she should start feeling more energetic than usual.
At this stage of the first trimester, the doctor will tell the mother to undergo a series of ultrasound tests, genetic screening and some diagnostic tests too. Some of the tests are for blood samples while other tests are for more complicated purposes like invasive procedures; and the pregnant mother can always ask her doctor to show the pictures of these tests taken to rule out any sort of complications later. Screening tests taken of the belly of the pregnant mother are a sort of safety precaution to avoid certain risks which may hamper the growth of the child.

what to expect at 8 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant belly

The first-trimester combined screening test is always done with a blood test to measure the two proteins. This ultrasound scanning is usually done between eleven and thirteen weeks of pregnancy. The blood tests can be done a little later after a few weeks. The screening test is done to avoid the baby’s chances of having Down syndrome or any other complication as well. An 8 weeks pregnant mother has to undergo this test to rule out any signs of miscarriage by further doing the invasive diagnostic testing. Hence at his stage of the trimester, the mother has to take every precaution and listen to the doctor for the sake of her health and her child’s too.

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7 Weeks Pregnant

Are you 7 Weeks Pregnant? What To Expect At This Stage?

When a woman is 7 weeks pregnant, she can expect a lot about her baby’s physical growth. The hands and feet of the baby start growing after the arms and legs develop.

A 7 weeks pregnant woman can expect a lot of growth and development in the body of her baby. The pictures of the baby show the development of the hands and feet. They look like little paddles. The baby is actually just an embryo at this early stage of pregnancy and even the baby’s tailbone looks like a little tail. Slowly this tail disappears, but everything else in the baby’s body seems to be growing bigger. The baby becomes almost double the size and is almost an inch long like the size of a blueberry fruit. If you could see the ultrasound inside the mother’s womb, then you can see the peepers of the child’s eyelids as well as the tip of the nose and very small veins under the skin that resembles a thin parchment.

The hemispheres of the baby also grow at this stage and you can also see the liver with the red blood cells until the formation of the bone marrow is done. The pictures also show the pancreas, the appendix; and these aids in digesting food with the help of the insulin hormone. The bulging intestines are growing rapidly in the umbilical cord and showing very clear blood vessels for the passage of oxygen and other nutrients into her body.

In the past five weeks, the mother’s uterus becomes almost double the size and very few mothers may not have any symptoms as such. At this stage the most mothers may not feel like eating. She maybe suffering from morning sickness. If the mother has no symptoms of morning sickness, she can consider herself to be really very fortunate. The mother may often feel like passing urine more than usual because of the increase in the volume of blood and the extra fluid in the kidneys which have to be flushed out. The bladder is pressurized because of the increase in the size of the uterus. The feeling of nausea slowly stops after around fourteen weeks. As the time of the pregnancy increases, the frequency and the volume of the urine also increase.

im 7 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnant belly

Now it is the perfect time for the 7 weeks pregnant mother to start her first prenatal visit. This is important for the healthy growth and development of the child in the mother’s belly. It is best for the mother to take photographs of her belly at this stage of the baby’s growth. The mother will also benefit by taking her partner for her prenatal visits like the first visit, the ultrasound scan and other important test results for the healthy development of the child.

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6 Weeks Pregnant

The Major Symptoms Of A 6 Weeks Pregnant Woman

6 Weeks of Pregnancy brings a bit of joy, especially at a bit of fear, a bit of fun, a bit of pain and a lot of responsibility.

A pregnant lady needs to take care at almost all the stages of the gestation period. However, a 6 weeks pregnant lady undergoes some phenomenal changes in the body.

If you are set to be a mother soon and you have entered the 6th week of your pregnancy, there might be a couple of questions wandering around in your head. As a 6 weeks pregnant woman, you must have by now become familiar with the nausea that must have been accompanying you ever since you skipped your period first. The rest to come in this article will satisfactorily answer your only question, what to expect in the 6th week of pregnancy?

6 weeks pregnant no symptoms

what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant

Apart from nausea, extreme exhaustion is one of the major symptoms that confirm that you are a 6 weeks old mom. However, gentle yoga classes, mild exercises and a slow walk during the mornings & the evenings can largely help you regain all your lost energy and will even make you awake and alert. Some other 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms other than morning sickness are headache, backache, frequent urination, mood swings, food cravings, swollen breasts and darkening of areolas.

As a 6 weeks pregnant woman you will have a ½ inch long baby with a tiny head and a tail. The eyes, ears and mouth of your young chap will start taking shape and you will be able to hear faint heart beats of a life resting inside your womb. However, the clear ultrasound pictures of your belly will show clear images of a growing fetus inside you. A day by day growth of the 6 weeks old baby is given as follows,

  • During the day 1, your baby becomes triple its earlier size.
  • Day two will make you feel exhausted and sleepy and all day would demand rest.
  • Day three will develop your baby’s brain.
  • During the fourth day, eyes and ears of the fetus will start forming.
  • The fifth day will mark the development of your baby’s heart and thus, you’ll be able to hear faint heart beats of your child, yet to enter this world.
  • The fingernails of the baby will begin to form during the sixth day.
  • The seventh and the final day of the 6th week will make your baby about ½ or 1/4th inches long.

Your belly by now would have grown in size. It is not big enough to come to the notice of others, but big enough to be noticed by you. However, it is not necessary that on an individual basis all the would-be mother’s of the world would show all or no symptoms mentioned above. Thus, to conclude, proper rest, exercise, timely checkups, healthy food, proper sleep and regular medicines will ensure you a safe motherhood that you’ll enjoy for your rest of the life to come.

5 Weeks Pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant? What Symptoms to Expect?

Pregnancy takes you a step ahead in life, when one more beautiful relation adds a new meaning to your life.

Women generally tend to witness certain things at every stage of pregnancy. A 5 weeks pregnant lady though would have overcome the major pregnancy symptoms, yet is prone to frequent urination and some more things.

You are 5 weeks pregnant? You may have no bleeding but having no symptoms of pregnancy is probably making you think if you are really pregnant or not. Are you all re-confirming by now that very soon you will have a little one wrapped around in your arms? Welcome to the 5th week of pregnancy. As a 5 weeks pregnant mom, you must have had skipped periods, but you can’t be resting thinking that it’s all over. Well it is just the onset of a 9 month ‘out of the world’ journey, where you’ll feel and see the world differently.

After 5 weeks you must be eager enough to know what to expect as body changes. The major question that bothers a woman is when will the belly bulge out? However, it totally depends upon the size of the mother, as a thin, flat stomach lady will show up a bulge faster than a heavy woman. However, frequent urination and mood swings are the two signs that will keep you entertained during the fifth week of your pregnancy.

The other major indications are fatigue, breast tenderness, excessive saliva, nausea, food cravings and aversions. While, you’ll be completely unable to curb up a sudden food craving, on the other hand your regular favorites might seek the dustbin. For all these sudden changes, a hormonal juggle is solely responsible.

Learn more about the 5th week of pregnancy at Many Weeks Pregnant.

Ultrasound Pictures of 5 Weeks Pregnant

While estrogen and progesterone will do a lot of changes to your breasts that will suddenly start feeling extra tender and ultrasensitive, the ultrasound pictures will give you a clear indication of the normal growth of a new life developing each day and every second inside you. At the 5th week of pregnancy, the fetus will start developing the neural tube that will give rise to the major organs including the brain, spinal cord, nerves and backbone.

symptoms of 5 weeks pregnant

5 weeks pregnant symptoms

Be ready to experience vomiting on a frequent basis, if you skip meals. As explained above nausea is a major symptom of a 5 weeks pregnant woman and it is only aggravated by an empty stomach. However, pregnancy brings a lot of joy and pride to a woman, but the journey is not easy. Cramping back and breasts could play a spoilt sport during your pregnant days. Though not all women suffer from the same symptoms, if you are expecting and are soon going to enter your 5th week of pregnancy, do not get stressed with any of these mentioned indications. Certain exercises for pregnant ladies including swimming can eat off much of the pain during pregnancy largely.

Thus, to conclude, a healthy pregnancy is a happy pregnancy, therefore do not forget to smile and keep stress free, other than consuming a healthy diet & all those iron, folic acid and other necessary tablets that your doctor just prescribed.

4 Weeks Pregnant

What to expect during 4 weeks pregnant?

Summary: If you want to make the most of the 4 weeks pregnant phase maintain a diary in order to keep an account of every change that occurs in your body.

A 4 weeks pregnant woman will face a number of symptoms which would help her to realize that she is pregnant. This phase of 4 weeks pregnancy is important for a number of reasons- it announces the fact that you are carrying a baby, makes you aware of the changes that are occurring in your body and most importantly it teaches you what to expect.

You can always maintain a diary which would help you to compare the feeling that you are facing during this face with what you would feel at other stages. Generally pregnancy can be divided into a number of phases depending on the symptoms. The 4 weeks pregnant Is the first trimester and this is the phase when women get to learn what to expect during the rest of the phase of pregnancy.

what to expect at 4 weeks pregnant

4 weeks pregnant belly

The popular symptoms of this phase are as follows:

  • Missed Period
  • Frequent Urination
  • Nausea
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitiveness to Smells
  • Morning Sickness
  • Dizziness and/or Fainting
  • Food Cravings and/or Aversions to Food
  • Constipation
  • Low Back Pain
  • Mood Swings and Irritability
  • Higher Body Temperature
  • Spotting
  • Weight Gain
  • Cramping

A woman might face all or some of these symptoms when she is expecting a baby. Though they are extremely natural they can become unbearable after some time. Therefore maintaining a diary where you can jot down the details of the changes you have been facing would offer you with healthier feeling. Though some of these symptoms like that of cramping, morning sickness disturbs the normal functioning of a pregnant woman’s life, she can always prepare herself suitably to be able to fight against the pangs of these problems.

This is the time you can go for ultrasound and learn about your baby’s shape and health. You need to change your nutritional plan by discussing the matter which your health care professional in order to promote the growth and development of your baby. You should also start exercising for a healthy body but then these exercises should be light and should not put stress on your body. You can regularly go for the ultrasound sessions in ordure to get the pictures of your baby and feel better. Invest your time in listening to good music, watching films and in watching the pictures of adorable babies in order to make the most of the 4 weeks pregnant phase.

3 Weeks Pregnant

What to expect when you are 3 weeks pregnant?

When you are 3 weeks pregnant your body will exhibit a number of changes; in order to deal with it have a guide to your aid.

If you are 3 weeks pregnant you would be blessed with the feeling of carrying a baby but then you need to stay aware of the changes that might occur in your body during this phase. Most women face a little bit of cramping in this stage while some would be able to say that they are ovulating. Some women face a lot more discharge than what they have had normally. But then many women do not get to perceive the fact that they are pregnant simply due to the loss of any symptoms. As a result of this having a guide to your aid would be of huge help as this would enable women to know what to expect once they are a few weeks into pregnancy.

3 weeks pregnant symptoms and signs

3 weeks pregnant symptoms

Sometimes women when they are 3 weeks pregnant face a little bit of bleeding. During this phase women need to take good care of themselves since it is a very crucial stage which should not be neglected. Light exercises during this phase can be helpful but you should always plan an exercise program with the help of your doctor. If you can exercise in the proper way you can be sure of the fact that you and your baby stay healthy. You should also discuss the matter with your health care professional since there would be some changes in your eating habits and you would have to adopt a diet plan that would help to keep your baby growing and healthy.

This is an early age of pregnancy and one of the most important symptoms in this stage would be increase in fluid levels resulting in weight gain. But do not be concerned about this as your weight gain would help in the growth and development of the baby. Moreover your shape and size when you are 3 weeks pregnant would be different from what you would go through at different stages of your pregnancy.

Usually during this phase of pregnancy the total weight gain would be between 25 to 35 pounds. Proper weight gain is highly imperative so do not try to restrict this natural process. Though these developments might seem to be intimidating to you at the start you can always gain the strength by having a guide to your aid since that will teach you what to expect and how to deal with it. So, enjoy the phase when you are 3 weeks pregnant by equipping yourself with all necessary information.