9 weeks pregnant mother-to-be

The conditions, symptoms, pictures of the baby and also the restrictions the 9 weeks pregnant mother-to-be should follow are described.

Pregnancy is the most important stage in a woman life. In the period of pregnancy the women should be very careful and special care should be provided by the family members for not only the mother-to-be but also for the baby inside mother. For the 9 weeks pregnant mother, this stage lies before the fatal period in which the organs and the tissues grow with a rapid rate which starts at the 10th week of pregnancy.

9 weeks pregnant pictures

9 weeks pregnant belly

Each and every baby has its own and individual rate of growth. But from several pictures of babies in this stage a common idea has been formed. In this stage the length of the baby is barely 1 inch and weighs almost a fraction of an ounce. The baby starts taking its human look. Now, the outer look of the baby is not appreciably noticeable but the internal body parts begin to be formed. The heart of the baby finishes dividing into four parts or chambers. The valves are formed also. The sex organs begin to form but they cannot be distinguished with the other parts of the body. The nerve system, several organs start forming. The earlobes, mouthy and noses are the only distinguishable parts of the body inside the 9 weeks pregnant mother. All the critical jobs for hormone production are done in this stage but the hormone production starts from the 11th week.

Regular check-ups of 9 weeks pregnant woman is the most essential thing of all. Though prenatal visit is necessary but ultrasonic check-ups are not that necessary. Because of the immaturity of the baby the mother-to-be may not hear any sounds of the baby. But the feelings of a mother will be started from this stage.

There are lots of symptoms normally appears in the body of the mother-to-be. The waist portion of the woman may start increasing. Morning sickness and abdominal pains will work on the body of her with full-force. Emotional pinball is also an important but common symptom of the 9 weeks pregnant woman. The size of the belly does not increase appreciably. Moodiness and mood swings are also common in the stage. If the mother-to-be is a working woman with strenuous jobs to handle then she should immediately apply for the leave up to delivery. Depending on the physical condition of the mother-to-be, 9 weeks pregnant could participate in several activities like swimming and walking and can be continued for the nine long months. All the complications of the mother if any should be taken care properly by following the instructions of the doctor. Especially, the food and drink restrictions are to be maintained properly.

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