What To Expect At Eight Weeks Of Pregnancy

An 8 weeks pregnant mother can expect a lot of growth and development of her baby during this first trimester of her pregnancy. From this week onwards, the fingers and toes of the baby start poking out of the hands and feet.

Like it is discussed on manyweekspregnant.com, an 8 weeks pregnant mother knows that her baby is moving and shifting inside her womb though she may not be able to feel it as yet. The baby’s eyelids start completely covering his little eyes, his little tail is almost disappeared and the little tubes which are meant for breathing start stretching from the throat right up to the lungs. The ultrasound also shows that the baby’s nerve cells in its brain start forming neural pathways. At this stage, the baby’s external genitals do not develop, so the pictures of the baby do not ascertain whether it is a boy or a girl.

The mother may also notice that her bra is becoming ill-fitting now. The mother may need to wear a larger size that fits her breasts more properly. The breast of the mother start growing bigger at this stage and other tissue changes also start taking place as the breast of the mother has to prepare for lactation purpose. The mother may also feel a little sluggish and tired; and these are all symptoms of changes that are taking place in the hormones. She may also suffer from sound sleep because of the symptoms of nausea and vomiting which take up all her energy. In order to cope with sluggishness, the pregnant mother can start walking for around twenty minutes a day. With this, she should start feeling more energetic than usual.
At this stage of the first trimester, the doctor will tell the mother to undergo a series of ultrasound tests, genetic screening and some diagnostic tests too. Some of the tests are for blood samples while other tests are for more complicated purposes like invasive procedures; and the pregnant mother can always ask her doctor to show the pictures of these tests taken to rule out any sort of complications later. Screening tests taken of the belly of the pregnant mother are a sort of safety precaution to avoid certain risks which may hamper the growth of the child.

what to expect at 8 weeks pregnant

8 weeks pregnant belly

The first-trimester combined screening test is always done with a blood test to measure the two proteins. This ultrasound scanning is usually done between eleven and thirteen weeks of pregnancy. The blood tests can be done a little later after a few weeks. The screening test is done to avoid the baby’s chances of having Down syndrome or any other complication as well. An 8 weeks pregnant mother has to undergo this test to rule out any signs of miscarriage by further doing the invasive diagnostic testing. Hence at his stage of the trimester, the mother has to take every precaution and listen to the doctor for the sake of her health and her child’s too.

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