Are you 7 Weeks Pregnant? What To Expect At This Stage?

When a woman is 7 weeks pregnant, she can expect a lot about her baby’s physical growth. The hands and feet of the baby start growing after the arms and legs develop.

A 7 weeks pregnant woman can expect a lot of growth and development in the body of her baby. The pictures of the baby show the development of the hands and feet. They look like little paddles. The baby is actually just an embryo at this early stage of pregnancy and even the baby’s tailbone looks like a little tail. Slowly this tail disappears, but everything else in the baby’s body seems to be growing bigger. The baby becomes almost double the size and is almost an inch long like the size of a blueberry fruit. If you could see the ultrasound inside the mother’s womb, then you can see the peepers of the child’s eyelids as well as the tip of the nose and very small veins under the skin that resembles a thin parchment.

The hemispheres of the baby also grow at this stage and you can also see the liver with the red blood cells until the formation of the bone marrow is done. The pictures also show the pancreas, the appendix; and these aids in digesting food with the help of the insulin hormone. The bulging intestines are growing rapidly in the umbilical cord and showing very clear blood vessels for the passage of oxygen and other nutrients into her body.

In the past five weeks, the mother’s uterus becomes almost double the size and very few mothers may not have any symptoms as such. At this stage the most mothers may not feel like eating. She maybe suffering from morning sickness. If the mother has no symptoms of morning sickness, she can consider herself to be really very fortunate. The mother may often feel like passing urine more than usual because of the increase in the volume of blood and the extra fluid in the kidneys which have to be flushed out. The bladder is pressurized because of the increase in the size of the uterus. The feeling of nausea slowly stops after around fourteen weeks. As the time of the pregnancy increases, the frequency and the volume of the urine also increase.

im 7 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnant belly

Now it is the perfect time for the 7 weeks pregnant mother to start her first prenatal visit. This is important for the healthy growth and development of the child in the mother’s belly. It is best for the mother to take photographs of her belly at this stage of the baby’s growth. The mother will also benefit by taking her partner for her prenatal visits like the first visit, the ultrasound scan and other important test results for the healthy development of the child.

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