The Major Symptoms Of A 6 Weeks Pregnant Woman

6 Weeks of Pregnancy brings a bit of joy, especially at a bit of fear, a bit of fun, a bit of pain and a lot of responsibility.

A pregnant lady needs to take care at almost all the stages of the gestation period. However, a 6 weeks pregnant lady undergoes some phenomenal changes in the body.

If you are set to be a mother soon and you have entered the 6th week of your pregnancy, there might be a couple of questions wandering around in your head. As a 6 weeks pregnant woman, you must have by now become familiar with the nausea that must have been accompanying you ever since you skipped your period first. The rest to come in this article will satisfactorily answer your only question, what to expect in the 6th week of pregnancy?

6 weeks pregnant no symptoms

what to expect at 6 weeks pregnant

Apart from nausea, extreme exhaustion is one of the major symptoms that confirm that you are a 6 weeks old mom. However, gentle yoga classes, mild exercises and a slow walk during the mornings & the evenings can largely help you regain all your lost energy and will even make you awake and alert. Some other 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms other than morning sickness are headache, backache, frequent urination, mood swings, food cravings, swollen breasts and darkening of areolas.

As a 6 weeks pregnant woman you will have a ½ inch long baby with a tiny head and a tail. The eyes, ears and mouth of your young chap will start taking shape and you will be able to hear faint heart beats of a life resting inside your womb. However, the clear ultrasound pictures of your belly will show clear images of a growing fetus inside you. A day by day growth of the 6 weeks old baby is given as follows,

  • During the day 1, your baby becomes triple its earlier size.
  • Day two will make you feel exhausted and sleepy and all day would demand rest.
  • Day three will develop your baby’s brain.
  • During the fourth day, eyes and ears of the fetus will start forming.
  • The fifth day will mark the development of your baby’s heart and thus, you’ll be able to hear faint heart beats of your child, yet to enter this world.
  • The fingernails of the baby will begin to form during the sixth day.
  • The seventh and the final day of the 6th week will make your baby about ½ or 1/4th inches long.

Your belly by now would have grown in size. It is not big enough to come to the notice of others, but big enough to be noticed by you. However, it is not necessary that on an individual basis all the would-be mother’s of the world would show all or no symptoms mentioned above. Thus, to conclude, proper rest, exercise, timely checkups, healthy food, proper sleep and regular medicines will ensure you a safe motherhood that you’ll enjoy for your rest of the life to come.

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