5 Weeks Pregnant? What Symptoms to Expect?

Pregnancy takes you a step ahead in life, when one more beautiful relation adds a new meaning to your life.

Women generally tend to witness certain things at every stage of pregnancy. A 5 weeks pregnant lady though would have overcome the major pregnancy symptoms, yet is prone to frequent urination and some more things.

You are 5 weeks pregnant? You may have no bleeding but having no symptoms of pregnancy is probably making you think if you are really pregnant or not. Are you all re-confirming by now that very soon you will have a little one wrapped around in your arms? Welcome to the 5th week of pregnancy. As a 5 weeks pregnant mom, you must have had skipped periods, but you can’t be resting thinking that it’s all over. Well it is just the onset of a 9 month ‘out of the world’ journey, where you’ll feel and see the world differently.

After 5 weeks you must be eager enough to know what to expect as body changes. The major question that bothers a woman is when will the belly bulge out? However, it totally depends upon the size of the mother, as a thin, flat stomach lady will show up a bulge faster than a heavy woman. However, frequent urination and mood swings are the two signs that will keep you entertained during the fifth week of your pregnancy.

The other major indications are fatigue, breast tenderness, excessive saliva, nausea, food cravings and aversions. While, you’ll be completely unable to curb up a sudden food craving, on the other hand your regular favorites might seek the dustbin. For all these sudden changes, a hormonal juggle is solely responsible.

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Ultrasound Pictures of 5 Weeks Pregnant

While estrogen and progesterone will do a lot of changes to your breasts that will suddenly start feeling extra tender and ultrasensitive, the ultrasound pictures will give you a clear indication of the normal growth of a new life developing each day and every second inside you. At the 5th week of pregnancy, the fetus will start developing the neural tube that will give rise to the major organs including the brain, spinal cord, nerves and backbone.

symptoms of 5 weeks pregnant

5 weeks pregnant symptoms

Be ready to experience vomiting on a frequent basis, if you skip meals. As explained above nausea is a major symptom of a 5 weeks pregnant woman and it is only aggravated by an empty stomach. However, pregnancy brings a lot of joy and pride to a woman, but the journey is not easy. Cramping back and breasts could play a spoilt sport during your pregnant days. Though not all women suffer from the same symptoms, if you are expecting and are soon going to enter your 5th week of pregnancy, do not get stressed with any of these mentioned indications. Certain exercises for pregnant ladies including swimming can eat off much of the pain during pregnancy largely.

Thus, to conclude, a healthy pregnancy is a happy pregnancy, therefore do not forget to smile and keep stress free, other than consuming a healthy diet & all those iron, folic acid and other necessary tablets that your doctor just prescribed.

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