What to Expect When You are 39 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: when you are 39 weeks pregnant, you pregnancy is almost at an end. Prepare well for the arrival of the baby and know what to expect.


When you are 39 weeks pregnant just remember that you are almost there. You are almost at the end of your pregnancy and your baby might come into the world any day now. Just remember to not rush things and let it progress naturally. Every woman’s experience of pregnancy is different. Knowing what to expect will keep you calm and collected, and ready for the big day.

What is happening in your body?

You are almost at the day when you can hold your baby in your arms. So, watch out for any signs of labor. This may be contractions or any number of other symptoms that your doctor will tell you about. Of course, if your water breaks then you are definitely on the way! However, don’t worry if the week passes by and you still show no signs of labor. Only a mere 5% of women deliver their babies on time. A staggering 75% are born after their due date. So, it is perfectly normal to be a little late. Even if you are having no contraction at this stage, there is no need to panic. Just relax and take this time to enjoy the last days of your pregnancy. Don’t be worried and miserable. Spend some quality time with your partner or your older children (if you have any).

39 weeks pregnant nausea

39 weeks pregnant symptoms

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Many women who are 39 weeks pregnant have the image in their minds that the first sign of labor is the water breaking. But surprisingly, when is rarely the case. Only in 15% of the cases does the membrane rupture during labor. Even if the membrane does break, the baby head usually acts like cork and stoppers the amniotic fluid inside, preventing it for leaking out. If you lie down then you might notice some leakage or discharge. So, the main thing to remember is that if you are showing some signs of labor such as cramps, it is important to stay calm and call your doctor. Initially your contractions may be an hour apart. Your doctor may advise you to stay at home, rest and wait till the contractions are closer together.

Just to be prepared, it is best to go over the role that your partner will have during your delivery. Knowing what to expect will also help your partner stay calm during a stressful situation. If you mother is there to help you, you should let her. Let you mother and your partner take care of the cooking and cleaning. This is time when you should relax and take it easy because once the baby’s here you might not get the chance. Remember to eat well to avoid nausea and acid burn.

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