Things You Should Know And Expect When You’re 37 Weeks Pregnant

Once you are 37 weeks pregnant you will need to know a few things in order to prepare yourself for the imminent delivery of your baby.

Always follow the advice of your physician to ensure a safe outcome.

If you are now 37 weeks pregnant you are almost at the end of your wonder journey of bringing a new person into this world. An average pregnancy lasts about 37-38 weeks. By now you should know what to expect for in the coming days ahead as you prepare for the birth of your new baby. By now your baby is fully developed and ready for delivery. If your physician takes some ultrasound pictures there is almost no more room inside the uterus because of the baby’s size at this point. They will also notice fetal eyes blinking and responding to light sources. Here is a guide on what to you should know when you’ve reached thirty seventh week of your gestation.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

When you are 37 weeks pregnant you need to discern the true signs of labor from the false ones. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular painless contractions or cramping that you will experience all throughout this stage. This assists the cervix to soften and become thin in preparation for eventual delivery. As long as there are no feelings of period pains that accompany the contraction you are fine.

37 weeks pregnant discharge

37 weeks pregnant what to expect

True Labor Versus False Labor Signs

As mentioned above, it is of paramount importance you know what true labor pains are as opposed to false ones. True labor pains start in the lower back and radiate into the abdomen. They are of regular duration and of increasing intensity. They are not relieved by positional changes. False labor pains are not uniform, and are usually relieved by a change in position or a decrease in physical activity.

Difficulty Sleeping

Since at this stage there is an increased uterine size, you may find it difficult to look for a comfortable position to sleep in. Health care providers recommend sleeping on your left side in order to provide lower pressure on the major arteries that supply nutrients and oxygen to your baby.

Decreased Weight Gain

At this point in your pregnancy, expectant mothers should no longer experience any supplementary weight.


When the expectant mother nears her delivery date, she experiences some lightening in her abdomen as a result of the baby moving downwards toward her pelvis in preparation for delivery.

Mucus Plug Discharge

When you are 37 weeks pregnant you will notice some mucus that forms a plug in your cervical canal. Once this passes you’ll know that you are very near your date of delivery. You will notice this passage only once or over a span of a few days. There may be some blood mixed with the mucus in the discharge but this is an expected outcome.

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