Changes and Fetal development of 35 Weeks of Pregnancy

The changes occurring during pregnancy are plenty and fascinating, especially at 35 weeks pregnant.

Along with the growing baby, the mother too experiences developmental changes. If you are 35 weeks pregnant, there are certain changes and fetal growth details that you may find essential to know. You will soon near your delivery date and will require closely spaced visits to the doctor.

35 weeks pregnant baby position

35 weeks pregnant symptoms

The different stages of pregnancy reveal fascinating truths about the human form. A mother who is 35 weeks pregnant will experience changes corresponding to the week and to her baby’s development. If you are expecting a child, and are 35 weeks pregnant, it is time to bond even more with the growing baby. Note what to expect. You can also make note of physical milestones your unborn baby is already acquiring.

When you are 35 weeks pregnant the uterus would have grown larger to accommodate the growing fetus. The upper tip of your uterus will be about 6 to 6 ½ inches above your belly button. The baby will attempt to move his/her head down towards your pelvis. Until the head remains near your ribs, you might experience a difficulty in breathing coupled with acidity. However, once the fetal head position is fixed in your pelvis, you will experience ease in breathing. Amniotic fluid also reaches a peak volume this week.

Backaches and pelvic/hip pains are common if you are 35 weeks pregnant. Once the baby has fixed his/her head downward, you may also find the need to urinate frequently. This is because the uterus exerts pressure on the urinary bladder. Some women may experience incontinence. Do not be alarmed, as this along with any other discomfort will disappear after delivery. Mild swellings in hands and legs are also common during the week.

Your baby is growing in leaps and bounds. His lungs are strengthened and kidneys fully developed. The liver is also able to excrete waste. Pictures of ultrasound scans clearly reveal fetal development at this stage. Your baby is chubbier and is able to process sharp sounds. It is truly time to bond over baby talk. Your child also begins to respond to familiar sounds. It is only right to say, it is time to talk to your new friend and prepare to see each other for the first time on the day he/she is born.

A mother who is 35 weeks pregnant may experience cramping in the stomach and nagging backaches. Any adverse changes in pain must be brought to the notice of the medical help in charge. Vaginal discharges, severe cramping and contractions are indicative of premature delivery and must not go unattended. It is at this time that fetal movements must be noted and observed to ensure your baby has space for further growth and movement. Reduction in fetal movements (less than 10 to 12 in a span of 2 hours) must be reported to the doctor.

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