32 Weeks Pregnant? What to Expect

Pregnancy is a miracle of life, and it is a very special occasion. There are many questions a woman may have, especially one who is 32 weeks pregnant. Here is some information.

For a woman who is 32 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of changes happening in her body. She will experience several changes. There are many things that she should keep in mind. Here is some information on what to expect.

The first thing you might notice is the significant weight gain in preparation for the special day. Despite the late stage in your pregnancy, you will still feel the normal symptoms including contractions, called Braxton Hicks, which can last from 15 seconds to more than 2 minutes.

Your baby is changing too. It is now almost 4 pounds and 19 inches long; there is less space to move about.

32 weeks pregnant belly

32 weeks pregnant in months

Your baby will usually settle in a head down, bottom up position, which is best as the baby’s head fits better at the bottom of your uterus rather than a bottom down (breach) position. Your baby’s digestive system is gearing up; it is collecting more fat making the skin opaque. Your baby’s skeleton, while fully formed is still quite soft and flexible, it will harden soon. Your baby will also take long naps of 20-40 minutes in preparation. Its brain continues to develop, and it has dreams at this stage.

Symptoms: Here is a list of what to expect during this near final stage of your pregnancy.

  • Flatulence: Eat lighter meals as your digestive system is already stressed with your growing belly; heavy meals will lead to flatulence, constipation and a bloated feeling.
  • Light Headedness: Low blood sugar can cause you to feel light headed or faint. Carry a protein and carb-rich snack in your bag for such occasions.
  • Hemorrhoids: This is actually varicose veins in the rectum and is caused due to sitting for a long time. To alleviate the pain, try a warm bath or ice packs.
  • Leg cramps: There is no fixed explanation for the painful leg cramps you get when your 32 weeks pregnant. Consult a doctor before taking any medication for cramping.
  • Itchy abdomen: This is due to the skin stretching around your belly. Try using calamine or other suitable lotion for this.
  • Colostrum: During this phase in your pregnancy, your breasts will get bigger and may leak yellowish fluid called colostrum, which is packed with protein and antibodies. It is the first milk your baby will get.

Ultrasound: Consult a doctor before getting such pictures when you are 32 weeks pregnant because as this stage, although they can help monitor the baby’s development, too much can harm them. Learn even more at ManyWeeksPregnant.com.

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