What to Expect When You Are 29 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 29 weeks pregnant, many changes happen to you and your baby. You should start counting the movement of the baby inside your belly.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in your life when you are expecting a new being to be delivered out of your body. Of course, you will be anxious and worried about the baby and also about yourself. When you are 29 weeks pregnant, your baby would have become a lot mature, and a lot of bodily changes would have happened to you.

Your baby now would be about 3 pounds in weight, and 17 inches in length. It would have matured lungs to prepare him or her for breathing outside the mother’s body. As the baby is growing, it gets tighter in your womb. So you will not be able to get the same intensity of his or her kicks, as before. Babies keep on kicking even when they are sleeping. So, you cannot actually find out if the baby is awake or sleeping this way. Moreover, as the baby gets tighter in the womb, you will be able to feel the elbow or the knee of the baby pressed to your belly. This is also the time you should count the number of kicks of the baby. You may lie down in the morning and in the evening and count the kicks of the baby. As the baby kicks upwards, it will be easy for you to count. Count the movement in your stomach until you reach ten within one hour. If you cannot reach this number in one hour, boost up your energy by eating or drinking something for blood-sugar level to rise. This will make the baby move. However, if you find that the baby is not moving enough, it is always better to consult your doctor. You may take an ultrasound scanning.

29 weeks pregnant baby weight

29 weeks pregnant symptoms

Weight gain is normal in this phase. You might find your breast enlarged and hence, buy a proper bra to support them. Stop wearing your contact lenses as moisture alterations take place in your eyes. What to expect when you are 29 weeks pregnant includes headaches, constipation, varicose vein, sleeping difficulties, itchy abdomen, forgetfulness, and hemorrhoids and so on. Your nails continue to grow stronger, and your hair continues to grow thicker.

When you are 29 weeks pregnant, you should eat properly and drink loads of water. Do moderate exercise. Do not take or lift anything heavy. Give enough rest to your body and apply moisturizer on your stomach for reducing the itchy feeling. Buy and paste some baby pictures on the wall and be happy and relaxed.

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