What to Expect When You are 28 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, the baby would have almost completely grown, with the finger nails just budding. Your body too is undergoing a lot of changes.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when a woman experiences the nature’s gift of giving birth to a new life from her body. It is not an easy time, and her mind and body go through a lot of changes to bring this new being into the world. When you are 28 weeks pregnant, though your date is not anywhere close, you should keep your bag ready to go to the hospital, if, just in case, the baby decides to come early. You may also sign up for childbirth classes to prepare you for delivery and infant care.

When you are 28 weeks pregnant, the baby is almost completely developed. The baby can now open his or her eyes, blink and can sense light. Finger nails start to grow during this time. You may talk and sing to your baby as it will now completely sense the outer surroundings. During this time, the baby settles to the position of the birth, with its head positioned downwards. You can feel the movement of the baby distinctly. You can feel it kicking. The strength of the baby has increased and hence the kicking is more intense. A healthy baby is now about 16 inches long and 3 pounds heavy. It can cough, hiccup and even breathe in a crude manner.

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When the baby is trying to settle to the position of birth, you might undergo shooting pains, starting from your lower back, all the way down to the back of your leg. This is because the weight of the uterus and the baby’s head puts a lot of pressure on the sciatic nerve which extends till your leg.

During this time, a weight gain of about 5 kilos is common. Meet up with your doctor more often. Take ultrasound scanning, if necessary.

What to expect when you are 28 weeks pregnant is anxiety. You are overly anxious about your bodily changes and your baby. The classes you attend and the people you meet there can help you be at ease. Speak to your partner about your fears and anxieties. Try and relax. Enjoy the moments when you have a life within you. Calm down and take lessons for infant care and breast-feeding. Speak to your baby. Sing songs to the baby. Paste baby pictures in your room. All your thoughts affect the baby also. Hence, have positive thoughts always in your mind and keep yourself happy.

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