27 Weeks Pregnant: You and Your Baby

When you are 27 weeks pregnant, there are vast changes happening with your body, and your child’s as well.

A prior knowledge of these changes would help you accept them properly and also take them in a positive spirit. Do make sure that you take good exercises and walks so that the labor that is fast approaching is easy for you.

Being 27 weeks pregnant refers to the fast approaching of the beginning of the third trimester which is a wonderful feeling as the time is drawing closer when your little one will be in your hands! Your reactions to it might be of happiness and nervousness both. You might be churning ideas for shopping for your baby; the little booties, the cute dresses, strollers and cradles seem irresistible now. But there are various changes happening with your body that need to be explained.

The changes in your body

There are huge alterations happening with your body and you should be aware of what to expect at this time of your pregnancy. First of all, your body weight has increased from 16 to 22 pounds since your pre-pregnancy period. The uterus starts nearing the rib cage due to which you feel short of breath and some of you might start feeling the painful leg cramps, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Though it is a painful experience with these symptoms, but as your child comes into this world, you will find them vanished. The belly has grown and is growing resulting in some itching on the skin. This is the perfect time when you can get yourself enrolled with some nearby childbirth classes and start preparing yourself for labor.

27 weeks pregnant baby moving

27 weeks pregnant belly

The child’s growth

The child, when you are 27 weeks pregnant is nearly 2 pounds in weight and measures about 14.5 inches. This is explained in more detail at manyweekspregnant.com. It occupies nearly all the space in your uterus, opens and closes its eyes and sleeps after regular intervals. It may also suck its fingers or thumbs. Its brain is active and some experts have claimed that it can dream by the next week. So, you can wonder for sure what the little one would dream about. A look at the ultrasound image of the baby at this stage will surely delight you-

There are a few things that need to be taken care of at this time:

  • Eat well and have a lot of vitamin C by taking juices and fruits that are rich in it.
  • Don’t sit back under the pressures of the pains and discomforts that this stage is accompanied with. You should move about and take regular walks such that the labor is easy.
  • In case you are looking forward to travelling to your parents or some relative for the care after the childbirth, you would need a written notification from your doctor, so do get it.
  • You are 27 weeks pregnant, so there may be some ceremonies like baby shower being performed for you and your baby’s health, so be ready to enjoy them, but take good care of yourself among all that.

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