What to expect when 23 weeks pregnant?

Summary: If you are 23 weeks pregnant you should have a guide to your aid for that would help you to determine how to handle the changes occurring in this phase.

When you are 23 weeks pregnant, you are in your second trimester of pregnancy and in this phase you should take preparation needed for stepping into the third trimester stage. By this phase you would witness good amount of weight gain and now you would be noticeably pregnant. You would find that your belly has swelled and you would fail to fit into your normal clothes. You would have to get the special clothes exclusively designed for the moms-to-be in order to look and feel better. There would be a number of developments which would notice take place in your body and if you are aware of what to expect handling this situation would be a lot easier.
When 23 weeks pregnant, you would face some of these problems:

  • Heartburn
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle cramps

An important development that an expecting mother has to face when 23 months pregnant is the excessive desire to have sex. While some pregnant women during the second trimester exhibit enhanced desire for sexual intercourse there are many pregnant women who do not feel such desire. Hence, it is quite a relative matter but then excessive libido is a problem during this phase and it is due to the extreme blood flow and a lot of clitoris and vaginal secretion. Some pregnant women when 23 weeks pregnant have reported to have experienced multi-orgasm. But then even if you feel this extreme urge it is best to seek the advice of the doctor for the safety of your baby’s health may depend on your physical intimacy with your partner.

23 weeks pregnant symptoms

23 weeks pregnant belly

When it comes to your unborn child, when you are 23 months pregnant, he/ she would also baby would start showing some developments like- making of antibodies for fighting infections, strengthening of the heartbeat etc. There would be development of the reproductive system of the body of the child during this phase and the child would weigh in between 425 to 500 grams.

How many months you have crossed and what have you experienced during this phase needs to be taken into account in order to handle pregnancy in a better fashion. For the soon- to- be- dad, this time when you are 23 months pregnant is meant for gearing up for the baby’s arrival in your life. Both of you should spend some time for browsing through different pictures of the babies, make him enjoy the kicking of your baby by making him feel your tummy in order to experience the bliss of this phase.

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