What to expect when 22 weeks pregnant?

When you are 22 weeks pregnant you would witness a number of changes so it is always better to have a guide to your aid for best results.

When you are 22 weeks pregnant you would be in the second trimester and you would have the feeling of being pregnant. During this phase your belly would not just swell but it would also exhibit certain developments like your baby would start making antibodies for fighting infections. Your baby’s heartbeat would get a lot stronger during this period and your baby would physically grow bigger. Even the senses of your baby would start evolving and developing and the baby would be able to perceive touch since the brain and the nerve endings would be developed by this time. He/ she would start making such movement which it hadn’t before, thereby making you feel its presence all the more.

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22 weeks pregnant belly

You would also find that when you are 22 week pregnant there would a development of the reproductive system of the baby. If you baby is a boy, the testicles of the baby would start to move down from abdomen. Again if it’s a girl, the uterus and ovaries of the baby would be perfectly positioned now and even the vagina would be perfectly formed. By the end of this week, your baby’s crown to rump measurement is approximately 200 cm. By this time the baby would weigh something in between 425 to 500 grams. As a result of which you would have some weight gain.

For, the expecting mom, when 22 weeks pregnant, there would be new developments to face in this second trimester of pregnancy. Now, things can get a little difficult when it comes to having sex. Some pregnant women when in the second trimester have exhibited enhanced desire for sex but again there are many other pregnant women who have not shown any interest during this phase. Now your libido can get increased during this phase as a result of excessive blood flow and a lot of clitoris and vaginal secretion. Some pregnant women when 22 weeks pregnant can derive multi-orgasm at this particular stage. But then until and unless you have been advised by the doctor to have sex, you should not go for it. Discuss the matter with your partner and take the decision very carefully for your baby’s health may depend on your physical intimacy with your partner.

For the soon- to- be- dad, this is the best time to enjoy the feeling of gearing up for your baby’s arrival. Watch different pictures of babies, enjoy the kicking of your baby by feeling the tummy of your partner for the unique feeling that you can derive from it is truly inexpressible.

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