What to Expect When You Are 21 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of changes happening to you and your baby. Take proper rest, exercise and eat healthy food.

Pregnancy is a time when women go through a lot of bodily changes to realise the heavenly gift of giving birth to a life. This article provides you a brief write up about what to expect when you are 21 weeks pregnant.

When you are 21 weeks pregnant a lot of changes would have already happened and is happening to you and your baby. By this time the baby would have grown to about 10 inches and will weigh about 11 ounces or a bit more. Thorough ultra sound scanning would have already been conducted and you would have already known the sex of the baby. The baby now can sense what is happening around him/her. He or she can hear your voice and you can thus start speaking to the baby sweetly. The baby can also taste the food you eat as he or she would have developed taste buds and swallows a little of amniotic fluid every day. The baby is growing. The eyelids and eyebrows would have fully grown by now. The digestive system is still getting mature. Muscles are getting developed and your baby is gaining strength. This becomes evident to you by the changes that happen in the intensity of the little kicks you feel.

Weight gain is normal. You need between 10 and 15 pounds of increase in weight. You should eat well for you and your baby. You will probably see some stretch marks on your belly.

21 weeks pregnant symptoms

21 weeks pregnant belly

You might experience leg cramps more often. Varicose vein can also develop in some women if it runs in your family especially. Bleeding gums can also occur to some women. Backaches become more frequent. Constipation and gas trouble is also frequent. Your hair and nails grow rapidly due to higher amounts of nutrients supplied to it by the body. Facial hair too might grow for some women. You might also feel anxious about this whole thing. This is the time you really need support from your partner.

What to need to do is to when you are 21 weeks pregnant is to drink plenty of water and eat healthy food. Do light exercise as it eases most of the discomforts and makes your delivery relatively easier. Get good massage done for your body. Don’t give much pressure to your legs. Take enough rest. You may also eat the right kind of food for the baby to get adjusted with the taste so that later on, he or she will not have problems with the taste of the food. Enjoy the time, post some pictures of babies on the wall and prepare your mind for the delivery.

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