What to Expect When You Are 20 Weeks Pregnant

A lot of rapid changes happen to you and the baby inside you, when you are 20 weeks pregnant. This is your second trimester and you have come half way through the reproduction process.

When you are 20 weeks pregnant, you have scientifically begun with your second trimester. What to expect at this stage of pregnancy have been briefly dealt in this write up. You can say good bye to fatigue and morning sickness. The most beautiful moment of being 20 weeks pregnant is that may be for the first time you can see your baby through the ultrasound scanning. The baby looks a lot developed and you can know the sex of the baby correctly. If the baby unfortunately has any physical deformities, it is during this time that the doctors come to know about it completely.

The weight of the baby would have increased about 4 times by now. The baby moves rapidly in your belly and by touching your belly, you and your partner will be able to predict when the baby is sleeping and when he or she is awake. It is especially when you are planning to sleep that the baby moves more. A healthy baby weighs about 11 ounces. The baby would have grown to about six and a half inches in length. You might have seen pictures of such almost fully grown babies inside the womb.

20 weeks pregnant pictures

20 weeks pregnant belly

While all this happens to the baby you can expect a lot of changes in your body. Your tummy would have become about the size of a typical melon. There is an increase in the hormone production and blood circulation in your body. Your nails become stronger and your hairs become thicker and fuller. This happens due to extra nutrients provided by the body to hair and nails. You might not only feel these changes for your hair on your head but also other bodily hair. Facial hair growth too might occur which is bound to go away after child birth. You might feel hungrier but indigestion becomes common. It is advised to take snacks or small meals frequently so that you and the baby get the calories required. Some uncomfortable symptoms include, heart burn, indigestion, increased vaginal discharge, dizziness, headaches, increased hair growth, ankle and feet swelling and in some cases a protruded navel. Weight gain is normal. However, after the delivery, your body will go back to normal and hence you need not worry much about the bodily changes.

Being 20 weeks pregnant, you are half way through the process of having a baby. So just relax and enjoy every moment of this wonderful time.

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