What to Expect When 19 Weeks Pregnant

Summary: The phase when you are 19 weeks pregnant is extremely vital and you need to stay aware of the developments of this phase for the best results.

When you are 19 weeks pregnant, you need to know that this phase is extremely important for both you and your baby. This is because a number of important changes and developments take place in you and our baby during this phase. You would see that the systems of you and your baby’s bodies are undergoing various changes. During this phase you would be more comfortable with you swelling belly and with the fact that you are carrying a baby. If you had a guide which would help you to know what to expect during this phase things would have had been easier.
Your baby by this time, would be about 7.5 inches in length and 7 ounces in weight. A number of organs of his/ her body will start to develop and perform from this phase. The increase in the size of the baby would also lead to your weight gain. When you are 19 weeks pregnant you would notice a variety of changes in your body as well. You might notice flakes of dry skin coming out along with the burst of rashes which are caused due to increase in the metabolic rate of your body. Do not stop eating and drinking water fearing that it might lead to weight gain for your body requires nutrition and needs to stay hydrated during this phase of pregnancy.

19 weeks pregnant bump

19 weeks pregnant belly

You should stop consuming caffeine since it comes with a dehydrating effect and can affect pregnancy to a great extent. If you are worried about your rashes you can apply lotions for that can solve your problem to a great extent. The fact that your belly is swelling would also mean that your baby is growing so start interacting with it. Go for frequent ultrasound in order to ensure the well being of your baby. And try to make things easier for him/ her since at this phase your baby would start to develop in order to get comfortable with the surroundings.

Visit your doctor regularly, take the prescribed medicines, vitamins and minerals religiously for when you are 19 weeks pregnant you need to be extremely careful about your and your baby’s health.

You can listen to soft music, watch the pictures of beautiful and adorable babies in order to stay in the best possible mood. Most importantly try to enjoy this phase to the most for that would help you to make your pregnancy an easy process.

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