What to Expect When You are 18 Weeks Pregnant?

If you are 18 weeks pregnant, you should ideally be on cloud nine but do prepare yourself to face the developments of this phase in the best possible way.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant, it is the second trimester in which you have stepped in. At this time, most pregnant women develop a particular type of glow which makes them look even more beautiful. This phase would make your belly swell and you would have to go for frequent ultrasound in order to check the position and health of your unborn child.

18 weeks pregnant symptoms

18 weeks pregnant bump

By this time you would most probably be done with morning sickness and would be able to concentrate more on the coming birth of your baby. You can renew your relationship with your partner for by this time you would overcome the phase when you used to get emotional over small things. Like every phase, even in this phase when you are 18 weeks pregnant, would require you to have a guide book which would educate you on what to expect.

In the 18 weeks into pregnancy, you would feel the movement of the baby in the womb. During this phase it is advisable to exercise more frequently for that would help to strengthen your muscles. But then, you should never opt for strenuous exercises; instead settle for the light exercises like long walks which would help you to stay fit and would not even strain your body. Moreover exercises would help to deal with the problem of sudden weight gain.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant you are likely to have frequent gas pains and heartburn problems due to at the growing baby. You would be hungry throughout the day since the baby would require a lot of nourishment for development. Hunger pangs are normal and you should not avoid them fearing that they would cause weight gain. Instead eat good amount of carbohydrates for that would make you and your baby strong and healthy.

When you are 18 weeks pregnant try to stay limited to nutritious snacks whenever you are hungry. Since the ears of the baby are formed during this phase and they are fully functional, you can start talking to your baby and so can your husband. The excessive swelling of the belly during this time is natural and you can visit the doctor to get the ultrasound done in order to ensure that everything is perfect. This particular phase of pregnancy is as special as all other phases; try to know what to expect in order to enjoy this phase perfectly.

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