What Should You Expect with a 14 weeks Pregnant Belly?

When you are 14 weeks pregnant, there are a lot of changes that are happening in you and the baby. Some symptoms will disappear while other new ones will appear.

Pregnancy is a time of great changes in a woman’s body. Every week your baby grows just a little bit more and you face new symptoms. Once you are 14 weeks pregnant, you can pretty much sit back and relax. You have now entered the second trimester of pregnancy when most of the dangers are long past.

14 weeks pregnant symptoms

14 weeks pregnant bump

Some call this the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy because most the terrible symptoms of the first trimester have now disappeared. While new symptoms will appear in your second trimester, they are unlikely to be as severe as the ones you had already suffered through. So, are you wondering what to expect when you are 14 weeks along in your pregnancy?

First of all, you should rest assured that there are no big surprises coming your way. The morning sickness, which many feel is one of the toughest symptoms in the first trimester, will disappear once you are 14 weeks pregnant. General nausea and fatigue will also tend to disappear around this time, although some women will still suffer from these symptoms. You belly will start to show a noticeable bump as your baby grows bigger. As the baby grows heavier you might start to experience some back pain. Other common symptoms include water retention, leading to bloating, and gas pain. Nevertheless, most women report to feeling great during their second trimester. The upsurge of hormones will give you a healthy glow that will make you look beautiful.

At this point you might want to have some pictures taken of your baby’s face. When you are 14 weeks pregnant your baby will be approximately 3.4 inches and weigh about 1.5 ounces. He or she will have well-developed features. The ears and eyes will be more defined and in their proper position. You should get an ultrasound done at this time to ensure that the baby is growing properly and there are no complications. At this stage the baby’s head will be larger than the body, but as time progresses the body will become more symmetrical in shape and size. Regular visits to the doctor are recommended at this stage so that your pregnancy can be closely monitored. You can keep a pregnancy calendar which can help you track the changes in you and the baby, and tell you what to expect. Now is also the time when you can decide whether you want to know the sex of the baby. Some parents are eager to know as soon as possible, while others prefer it to be a surprise.

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