13 Weeks Pregnant: All You Need to Know

During pregnancy, knowing all the details of what is to be expected and understanding the changes in your body is important.

At 13 weeks pregnant you have entered the final trimester wherein you are closer than ever to holding your very own miracle in your hands.
Pregnancy is an exciting time and a time when your body is continually changing, the arrival of a baby is something that will change your life forever in a beautiful way. At 13 weeks pregnant, you are in the last phase of pregnancy, final trimester. You should be taking a lot of care and rest and making sure that you are ready for the big day. This is the period when you feel your energy return as well as your libido. You can catch a movie, take the pre-baby vacation and go out to dinner as you get closer to the big day.

13 weeks pregnant video

13 weeks pregnant ultrasound

You know that the fat days are definitely here at 13 weeks pregnant. Your jeans probably don’t fit and even your fat day clothes are at this point probably lying discarded at this phase. You can still, of course, find clothes that will fit those curvy body parts and look good despite the curve of your belly. Your baby is about half the size of a banana as seen from the ultrasound and knowing what to expect is important. There are many symptoms that you need to be attuned to and everyone will be able to clearly see that you are quite pregnant with all the changes that are occurring in your body at 13 weeks pregnant.

One of the symptoms seen during 13 weeks pregnant is the discharge that tends to occur there. You can expect this to continue as the pregnancy progresses through the final trimester. Estrogen and progesterone which will make your breasts grow and promote production of milk in the breasts are also going to be at optimal at this time of your pregnancy. Your baby can suck its thumb and you can catch this on the ultrasound, which is definitely a worth framing moment.

Here the bones and ribs of the baby are solidifying and the eyes are fused shut as the eyelids develop and stay protected during the phase when you are 13 weeks pregnant. The baby’s intestines now are moving out of the umbilical cord into the region where they belong. The tooth sockets are also ready at this point. The vocal cords and larynx of the baby are also completed and weighs about 20 grams and is 3 inches long at this point. Having proper maternity clothes that leave you comfortable at 13 weeks pregnant is important.

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