Things To Expect When You Are 11 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 11 weeks pregnant you are about to enter the second trimester of pregnancy.

Your growing baby is no longer called an embryo but instead is now a fetus. Be sure to follow the advice of your health care provider.
At 11 weeks pregnant, you are just finishing the first trimester of your pregnancy. The growing baby inside your belly is no longer considered an embryo but a fetus. As you begin your second trimester here is a guide of what to expect in order for you to anticipate and understand the changes that are going on inside your body.

Your Baby’s Size

At this point until you reach the twentieth week of gestation, the size of the growing fetus will increase over thirty times the usual and the length will triple. Your baby is about a couple of inches from crown to rump at eleven weeks. To make sure that the growing fetus gets the correct amount of nutrients and blood, the blood vessels in the placenta also begin to increase in size. The ears of the baby are also beginning to move up to where they should be at the side of the head.

Decrease in Nausea

One of the most annoying symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness, which is the most prevalent symptom you will feel on the first trimester. Since you will be beginning the second trimester, you will notice a decrease in the severity and incidence of nausea by 11 weeks. By the way, this is discussed in detail on the ManyWeeksPregnant site. This is due to the fact that your hormones are beginning to level themselves and your body is now adjusted to the growing fetus inside you. What you will notice at this stage is an increase in the incidence of food cravings as well as appetite. Some expectant mothers have a decrease in appetite owing to a developed sensitivity toward certain smells.

Physical Changes

At 11 weeks pregnant, you will also develop a dark pigmentation along the length of your abdomen. This is called line Nigra. This darkening encompasses the area just beneath the breasts up to the pubic region. It becomes darker as you progress into your pregnancy. Do not worry, this is a common thing to expect and should fade off once the baby is born.
Your will also notice your expanding uterus. If you are lying down, you may even be able to feel the growing baby inside which is just the size of a grapefruit. Feel for it above the pelvic area.

Things To Consider

– When you are 11 weeks pregnant be sure to go and keep your appointment with your health care provider in order to monitor the status of your pregnancy. She may do an ultrasound to take pictures of the growing fetus inside you. Be sure to follow the advice of your health care provider to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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