Expectations To Have When 10 Weeks Pregnant

If you are 10 weeks pregnant you will notice that your morning sickness is starting to subside. You may also notice some sharp pains due to the stretching of the ligaments of your uterus.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant, there are some important signs and symptoms of pregnancy that you should be experiencing already. Most pregnant women at this stage are already on the lookout to hear for the first time their baby’s heartbeat with the assistance of an ultrasound Doppler stethoscope. Here is a guide on what to expect at this early and delicate stage of your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness, Fatigue And Mood Swings

By this time, your morning sickness should start to taper. For most expectant mothers, the first eight weeks are the hardest due to the high levels of nausea and changes in appetite. At ten weeks, there should still be some evening nausea to be expected. Mood swings; headaches and tiredness are also prevalent at this stage. The reason why you are tired most of the time at this stage is because there is an increase of your blood volume, which makes it doubly hard for your heart to pump blood. Be sure not to exert too much effort at this time. Get enough rest and sleep. You will also begin to notice a small bulge in your belly known as the baby bump. Try and take some pictures of yourself to compare how you look now and at the end of your pregnancy for posterity.

Diet And Gastrointestinal Changes

You may experience some changes in your diet when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Flatulence and constipation may alter your diet. Be sure to increase your intake of whole grain foodstuffs. Eat green, leafy vegetables and drink lots of water to help in the regulation of your GI tract. Indigestion and heartburn are also common and can be avoided by simply not immediately lying down after a large meal.

10 weeks pregnant symptoms

10 weeks pregnant belly

Physical Changes

You will also notice at ten weeks some physical changes in your body. For instance, your nipples and areolae will darken. Your breasts would no longer be swollen as before. You will also notice an increase in a thin milky discharge coming from your vagina. At this time, take extra precaution by avoiding the use of douches as they may alter the sensitive pH balance and could lead to annoying infections.

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, you will start to feel some slight and piercing pain coming form your tummy. This is due to the beginning stretch that is happening to the ligaments of your uterus as a result of the growing baby inside. You will also notice that your clothes are becoming tighter than usual. Be sure to switch to comfortable maternity clothes at this time.
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