A Weekly Pregnancy Guide

If you are pregnant and wish to stay aware of all the changes that this phase comes with it is best to maintain a pregnancy week by week guide.

A pregnancy week by week guide would help a woman to enjoy this phase which is simply sublime and beautiful. It is surely one of the most exciting experiences of a woman’s life but then this phase witnesses a number of changes in a woman’s body as a result of which observing every change and knowing about all the indications is highly imperative.

pregnancy symptoms week by week

week by week pregnancy

Pregnancy is generally divided into three major trimesters. The 1st trimester is of 3 months duration and so is the 2nd & 3rd. Therefore, a standard pregnancy is of thirty-six weeks to 40 weeks; but then there are many untimely deliveries. This phase of a woman’s life apart from being extremely wonderful is also highly taxing as her mental and physical life goes through turmoil during this time. If a woman has a pregnancy week by week guide to aid her through the process, things can be a lot easier for her. She would be able to prepare herself about the signs and the guide would act like her guiding star.

The first two weeks of pregnancy might go undetected and would come into attention with the aid of uterine scan or urine pregnancy test. Some women have to face the miserable morning sickness for the first four weeks. This involves nausea, craving for certain foods etc. Some women might even experience bleeding from vagina. This 1st trimester is highly crucial as it would be the first stage in which a woman would learn to deal with a pregnancy week by week changes.

The 2nd trimester offers distinct symptoms and it starts with the thirteenth week. This phase relieves the mother-to-be of all the discomforts that she had to face in the first twelve weeks. This would help her to get a better control of her system. The belly would swell during this time and women get their first feeling of how life would be when the baby arrives in this world. The guide would be like a calculator which would help women grow of what to expect of in the next few weeks.

The 29th week would be the start to the new trimester which would be the final. This phase has its own share of symptoms. The woman’s abdomen and fetus would grow swiftly in this phase would require the women to prepare herself for the delivery of the child. Always take the aid of such a pregnancy week by week since this would act as a highly helpful calculator.